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What we know about Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum’s Isle of Man motorcycle race projects

isle of man tt

One of the deadliest motorcycle races in the world is getting a movie of its own. A film and docuseries about the Isle of Man TT race is coming soon courtesy of Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt‘s production companies. Free Association and Plan B Entertainment, along with Jason Keller, Entertainment 360’s Guymon Casady, Box to Box Films and Mediawan, are partnering on a docuseries called The Greatest Race on Earth, as well as a feature film package set to debut later this year.

The Isle of Man TT is one of the most famous and deadliest races in motorcycle racing. The race takes place on a small island nation in the Irish Sea and traces its heritage back to the early 1900s when road racing was forbidden in England. At the time, racers found refuge on the Isle of Man. A single lap takes more than 37 miles and features racers navigating the island’s road systems. There have been more than 100 deaths in the race over the past 100 years, including five in 2022.

“We dare anyone to find more awe-inspiring people, or a more breathtakingly vibrant world than The Isle of Man TT. We’ve always been drawn to characters who push the edge of what’s possible, and this race is their Shangri-La. We’re deeply honored to be part of the creative dream team telling the story of this legendary event, and can’t wait to finally share this mythical sport we love with audiences all across the globe,” Tatum and Free Association’s Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan said.

Production on The Greatest Race on Earth is set to begin this week and take place through the Isle of Man race in June. The screenplay for the film is now in development.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to share the story of the exceptional people involved in this singular event and to introduce The Isle of Man TT in a way that brings audiences directly into the action. We are supremely grateful to Mediawan and all of our partners for their belief and support,” Plan B added in a statement.

Pierre-Antoine Capton, CEO and co-founder of Mediawan, also spoke about the new venture, saying, “It’s extremely exciting to be part of this project about the incredible adventure of the Isle of Man TT, the most incredible and craziest race on earth. Alongside such talented partners as Plan B, Box to Box and Free Association, we are thrilled to help bring to life this amazing series. It is fully in line with our strategy to offer compelling shows that will captivate audiences all across the globe. We are confident that such an iconic competition and its’ behind the scenes will do so.”

Pitt’s Plan B has been prolific in recent years, producing a number of high-profile films, while Free Association has largely produced Tatum’s own starring vehicles.

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