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Watch The Masters 2022: Stream the Final Round NOW

The final round of the Masters 202 is now underway. But with so many streaming services, broadcast networks, and devices available in these modern times, figuring out the best way to watch such an event can be as confusing as the event is entertaining. The two streaming services carrying The Masters this year are ESPN+ and Paramount+, with ESPN+ being the quickest and easiest way to dive into the competition taking place at Augusta National Golf Club. Here’s how to watch the final round of Masters 2022 today and tune into the official Masters live stream.

The Masters, one of the most legendary and tradition-filled golf tournaments of the year, is in full swing. And with so many streaming services, broadcast networks, and devices available in these modern times, figuring out the best way to watch such an event can be as confusing as the event is entertaining. The two streaming services carrying The Masters this year are ESPN+ and Paramount+, with ESPN+ being the quickest and easiest way to dive into the competition taking place at Augusta National Golf Club. Here’s how to watch the Masters 2022 today and tune into the official Masters live stream.

Watch the Masters Live Stream Now

ESPN+ is by far the best way to watch The Masters, as it brings a range of great options for taking in the tournament, including watching on your smartphone or tablet, and even via web browser on a computer if you’re trying to catch a few holes on your lunch hour. ESPN+ is also a great choice for watching The Masters if you’re a sports nut because, unlike a Paramount+ subscription, your ESPN+ subscription will get you access to all sorts of additional sports content. A monthly subscription to ESPN+ is just $7, and you can bundle it with Disney+ and Hulu for just $14 a month as well. Accessing The Masters is quick and easy using ESPN+, as you can have it up and running in almost no time via the ESPN+ app on mobile devices.

Watch the Masters on ESPN+

The ESPN+ logo on a blue background.

ESPN+ is a standalone streaming service that functions alongside the sports broadcast giant’s fleet of networks. It’s meant to be agile and supplemental, giving you access to a huge library of great sports content, in addition to all sorts of live events. It’s also the best place to stream The Masters this year, as a monthly subscription to ESPN+ is just $7, and it requires no other channel or financial commitments. For that very reasonable $7, you’ll get to watch the top-notch broadcast of The Masters on any device you see fit, and you’ll get to do it with the pros at ESPN calling each round.

With ESPN+ you’re able to watch The Masters in a number of different ways. If you’re at home and want to watch on your giant home theater setup, ESPN+ is accessible through Smart TVs and several different peripheral devices, such as Apple TV. You can also take in The Masters on ESPN+ through any number of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. And if you’re stuck at work this weekend and want to catch a few holes, you can do so on your desktop or laptop PC as well. For more guidance on accessing ESPN+, you can check out our how to watch ESPN+ guide.

While all of these great features make ESPN+ seem like something that should require its own cable subscription, it’s priced at just $7 a month. You can even bundle it with a monthly Disney+ and Hulu subscription as part of the Disney+ Bundle. This would get you access to all sorts of great Disney content, including content like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other Disney-owned franchises like Star Wars, for just $14 per month. Another attraction in using ESPN+ as your content provider for The Masters is that if you’re just looking to take in The Masters and move on with your life, you’re only committing to ESPN+ for one month at a time, and can cancel any time you like.

With The Masters being the most prestigious golf tournament in the world, it’s something you won’t want to miss. Watching it on ESPN+ is a great experience, as it gives you so many different ways to watch with little commitment. And if you’re an avid golfer or history buff, an ESPN+ subscription also gets you access to all of the excitement of previous tournaments, which includes 60 years of The Masters Official Films, Arnold Palmer’s 1960 victory, and Tiger Woods’ title in 2019.

Watch the Masters on Paramount+

The Paramount Plus logo on a bright blue background.

If you’re a little more of a traditionalist and want to take in the competition of The Masters via its traditional broadcaster, CBS, you can actually do so using modern means as well. Paramount+ will be your streaming platform of choice here, as it will be streaming the broadcast from Augusta National Golf Club. This will bring all of the great commentating and insights of announcers Shane Bacon, Billy Kratzert, Colt Knost, Brian Crowell, and Michael Breed to your viewing of the tournament, as well as extended highlights and the latest news from The Masters.

Previously known as CBS All Access, Paramount+ is now a streaming service with a lot of great reasons to consider a subscription. Even if your interest begins with a way to watch The Masters, Paramount+ has a huge library of movies that you’ll get access to with a subscription, as well as other sports. Some of these sports include NFL games, SEC college football games, and Champions League soccer games, and the Paramount+ movie library currently includes titles such as Interstellar, A Quiet Place Part II, and Jackass Forever. There is also a range of great original content to take in at Paramount+, and this includes things like Picard, a new show within the Star Trek universe, among other great new shows.

Paramount+ has several different plans to choose from, with its Essential Plan costing just $5 per month or $50 per year. This plan includes limited commercial interruptions, and if you’re looking for a completely ad-free experience, the Premium Plan is just $10 per month or $100 per year. Bundles are available as well if you’d like greater access to movies, as you can get Showtime included with your Paramount+ subscription for just $12 per month with limited commercials and $15 per month completely ad-free. A Paramount+ free trial is also available.

But despite all of the great content you’ll get in subscribing to Paramount+, The Masters is the greatest draw of the weekend, and it alone makes Paramount+ worth considering. You’ll be able to watch The Masters live on your desktop or laptop PC through the Paramount+ website, through the Paramount+ app on your smartphone or tablet, and on your favorite connected device on your home theater smart TV. These devices include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV, and Roku, among many others.

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