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Honomobar is the Shipping Container Bar That Can Go Where You Go

We loved it when Honomobo debuted its sleek, ultra-modern line of shipping container homes. Luckily for us, the Canadian company didn’t stop there. Brace yourselves: the Honomobar is coming.

Honomobo changed the modular housing game with its series of dwellings that completely rethought what a shipping container could be. The designs thoughtfully incorporate materials to enhance the structure, not hide it, and the finishes result in a quality, contemporary home that is also affordable.

Building on the foundation of its foundation-less homes, Honomobo has gone one step and created a shipping container bar. Honomobar is created from a single recycled shipping container and polished with the brandsignature style.

The bars, measuring just 100 square feet, can be placed anywhere. No, really — the display model was hauled up the side of a snowy mountain for an afternoon of ‘boarding and beers.

HONOMOBAR Fortress Mountain

From poolside in your backyard to lakeside at your cabin, Honomobars go everywhere you do. Because these structures don’t need a foundation, you aren’t limited bywhere they can be placed. They are delivered in about four to six weeks and are ready to use so you can get the party started right away.

The bar layout is pretty basic. There are two back walls, a door, and an L-shaped counter. There are floating shelves on the back wall for displaying and storing bottles and glasses. This basic arrangement is decked out in sleek touches that create the feeling of a high-end, exclusive bar.

honomobar rendering 1

The exposed shipping container walls are painted black, which is offset by the light wood, Canadian fir butcher block countertop. While no plumbing or electrical is included, there is a junction box that allows for the bar to be hooked up to an extension cord (provided, of course, you set up the Honomobar close enough to a source). The entire structure is able to be closed up when not in use thanks to an aluminum roll shutter. Hydraulic lifting arms allow the bar window to easily be opened, turning it into a canopy for the bartop.

Honomobo is currently taking limited orders for 2018, so get yours in now and have your Honomobar delivered in time for an epic Memorial Day weekend.

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