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Every ‘Succession’ season 4 trailer in one place

We'll get you ready for 'Succession' season 4

Succession is one of the best shows in recent television history; therefore, fans of the toxic family satire have been chomping at the bit to get back into the Roy family proceedings ever since Tom (Matthew Mcfadyen) stabbed Shiv (Sarah Snook) in the back at the end of the third season finale. With clear factions presiding over the Waystar Royco CEO tug-of-war, a finish line for the series is starting to take shape.  The Succession season 4 release date is March 26, just a couple of weeks after “The Last of Us” is intended to end. HBO has released a teaser and a full trailer so far to get fans prepared for the next batch of episodes.

Succession Season 4 | Official Teaser | HBO Max

This first teaser trailer was released during an episode of House of the Dragon back in October. It creates two firm ideas about the season: Logan still views himself as invulnerable even in the face of his children all opposing him, and Tom and Shiv’s marriage is still somehow going despite Tom’s betrayal last season. Connor (Alan Ruck) adding that the Roy children are the “rebel alliance” is a nice reference to Star Wars. It also metaphorically paints Logan (Brian Cox) as the evil emperor. Lines of dialogue like these are what make Succession one of the most literary and dense experiences on TV year in and year out.

Succession Season 4 | Official Teaser Trailer | HBO

This longer trailer that was released at the end of January gives a few more scenes with the Roy siblings interacting and plotting their next steps against their father. Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) discuss how the experience is a tightrope walk on a straight razor, another bit of fun analogical dialogue that creator Jesse Armstrong constantly embeds the show with. Tom and Greg (Nicholas Braun) are now positioned to gain more power within Logan’s corner as they push the Roy siblings away in favor of the patriarch. “It’s like Israel-Palestine, Greg, but only much harder and more important.” This pretty much sums up the way all of the characters in this show view the scale of their issues, and it’s a brilliant satire on the collective clueless ego of the wealthy in real life.

Unfortunately, these two trailers are the only official footage we have of the fourth season so far. It’s only two and a half minutes of scenes, and they’re thrown together in random order to keep the intrigue high. We should hopefully have a lot more of an idea of where the season will be headed once it premieres, but analyzing these scarce clips in the meantime will have to suffice!

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