Dog Lovers Gift Guide

We know buying presents for friends and family can be a stress. But there is one group we love buying for, our dogs. There are so many great things on the market to make our lives better as well as theirs. We picked seven we hope you consider this season.

Humunga Stache Durable Dog Toy

Clearly you guys love your facial hair. So why not share the love with your beloved fur balls? This chew toy has a black ball on the back so when your dog holds it in it’s mouth and you take a picture, your Instagram will explode.

Bark Box

If you are looking for the gift that keeps on giving, Bark Box is the perfect option. Pick your dog size and gifting plan and order a monthly box to be delivered to either your perfect pup or a friend’s. The box can include all sorts of toys and treats to keep your dog occupied for hours on end. Plus the box itself is usually the favorite chew toy.

Strathberry of Scotland’s Rockrose Tweed Collar and Lead

If you are looking for something a little swankier than that ratty old leash you have had for years, try out one of these directly from a Socttish luxury brand. Handmade with Scottish tweed, this is the kind of accessory every well-dressed dog needs. Don’t take it on a hike; this is for doggy date strolls.

PetChatz Pet Cam

Be honest, we bet one time in your life you have said, ‘I wish I could just check in with Fido to see what he is up to while I’m at work.’ Well now you can. Simply mount PetChatz where your dog can see it, connect to Wifi, download the app and fill the unit with treats. Now you can call your pup any time and check in and they get a treat while hearing about how hungover you are at the office.

Harry Barker’s Pennant Bone Toy

Perfect for the preppy pooch, this canvas, eco-fiber filled bone has a two-way squeaker to drive you nuts for hours on end.

Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots

If you have an active dog that enjoys a good hike but sometimes has issues on those slippery rocks, try these booties. They may sound weird but we have first hand experience. They work and after you dog walks like an octopus for a minute, it will get the hang of them and be bounding across trails in no time.

Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Light-Up Collar

With daylight saying so long for the season, it’s hard to keep track of our dogs in the evening hours (especially if they are darker colored) and it can be difficult for bikers, pedestrians and others to see them too. That is why we are big fans of this light up dog collar. We can spot our dogs across the park in their little raved out collars. If you really want to get the dog park poppin’, turn it on ‘blink’ and turn up the techno.

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