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Disney+ Price: How Much Does the Streaming Service Cost?

Disney+ is a relatively new streaming service compared to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video but it’s also one of the more exciting options out there. It costs $7 per month or $70 per year, but there are potentially better value options in the form of the Disney+ Bundle, depending on what you want from your streaming service. Read on as we explain all about Disney+ and what to expect.

Priced at $7, Disney+ is great value even if there’s currently no Disney+ free trial available. For the price, you get unlimited access to a ton of great content. What do we mean by that? How about a place where you can watch all the movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe before diving into the latest spin-off shows like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Marvel content alone means you won’t run out of great things to watch but it gets so much better.


That’s because Disney+ is also the home of all things Star Wars. It’s possible to watch your way through all the Star Wars movies including the spin-offs such as Solo and Rogue One, before checking out the smash-hit show, The Mandalorian.

If Marvel and Star Wars aren’t your thing, Disney+ also offers every episode of The Simpsons including the latest ones so you can easily check out the best Simpsons episodes right away. And as it’s Disney, you can also watch nearly every Disney movie from its extensive catalog along with plenty of great shorts and other Disney content too.

Disney+ is only $7 per month so you get access to a ton of exciting streaming content for very little. Alternatively, you can commit to an annual subscription for just $70 meaning you’ll only pay for 10 months compared to if you paid monthly.

If somehow you’re not entirely swayed by all this content, how about the Disney+ Bundle? Costing just $13 per month, you get access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu, meaning so many more films and TV shows to watch, along with tons of great sporting coverage too.

We’re not convinced there’s a streaming service out there right now quite as entertaining as Disney+. It offers content that’s ideal for all the family and at a fantastic price too. It’s a great time to hit the subscribe button and enjoy what Disney+ can offer you. Check out our look at the best Disney+ shows to stream right now and the best movies on Disney+ to get started.

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