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Is There a Disney+ Free Trial? What You Need to Know

Browse the internet and you’ll have already seen a lot of people rave about how awesome Disney+ is. That’s because it truly is and you don’t want to miss out when there are so many great shows and movies available exclusively on Disney+. We’ll cut to the chase — there is currently no Disney+ free trial anymore. Disney suspended the free trial after a successful launch period. The only way to watch Disney+ is to sign up for one month for $8. That might not be as good as a week’s free trial but we’re here to explain why it’s still fantastic value and well worth checking out.

Disney+ feels like the home of everything. Ok, it’s not quite, but it has a heck of a lot of great franchises. It’s the only place to go for exclusive shows like Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian, as well as the only home for Marvel Cinematic Universe shows like LokiWandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have featured in our look at the best Disney+ shows to watch right now with Loki the new big hit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe stable. Besides those exclusive shows, it’s also the home of every single movie that forms part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you can watch all the Star Wars movies including spin-offs like Solo and Rogue One. Sure, there’s no Disney+ free trial for now, but $8 feels super cheap for so much great content that you’d ordinarily have to pay a lot more for.

Not so keen on Marvel and Star Wars? How about catching up on everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family — The Simpsons? A Disney+ free trial would never be long enough for you to watch every episode of the hugely successful animation but a month of it might give you time to watch a fair chunk of it. Start with the best Simpsons episodes and go from there. Don’t forget — the latest episodes are added regularly so you’ve got a lot to catch up on!

As you’d expect from Disney, Disney+ also provides you with nearly every Disney movie from its extensive back catalog with new ones added regularly such as Pixar’s Luca recently launched on the service and Soul, which launched at Christmas. Right now, you can also use Disney+’s Premier Access service to purchase Cruella months before it hits the service for free with Marvel’s Black Widow soon to hit the service too. If you’ve got plenty of spare time, this is a fantastic opportunity to watch your way through every classic Disney movie over the weeks. You can also dive into some awesome Disney shorts you may have forgotten about over the years.

Imagine a streaming service when you can watch everything from your childhood favorites like The Lion King to entertaining the kids with Frozen 2, before diving into your Marvel Cinematic Universe catchup once the little ones have gone to bed. That’s exactly what Disney+ can provide you with. You can even check out smash hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, too if you fancy something entirely different.

While there’s no Disney+ free trial anymore, $8 is a very small price to pay for what feels like a never-ending amount of content. There’s truly something for everyone here. You can also opt to subscribe to the Disney+ Bundle for $14 a month which adds on ESPN+ and Hulu meaning there’s even less chance of you running out of something to watch any time soon.

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