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The 9 Best Space Heaters to Heat Up Your Digs

A space heater beside an armchair in a living room.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Winter weather has set in throughout most of the country, and that means braving the snow and frigid temperatures for most of us. Regulating your home’s temperature isn’t always easy, especially for anyone who always seems to “run cold.” A hot tub and warm cocktails certainly help, but a space heater is more realistic for the rest of us. The best models are compact, affordable, and capable of heating a whole room. A little bit of style doesn’t hurt either. Here are our picks for the best space heaters to heat your digs this winter.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02

A blue Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02 on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If money is no object, nothing beats a Dyson (believe it or not, they make more than vacuums). With a long list of high-tech features, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP02 is among the company’s flagship products. With triple functionality, it’s not only a space heater but a cooling fan in summer and a year-round air purifier as well. It’s powerful enough for even the largest rooms, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity allows for wireless and voice control via Siri and Alexa without getting out of your chair. The built-in HEPA filter removes nearly 100% of pollutants and allergens, so it not only maintains the temperature in your home but cleans the air too. With no spinning blades or exposed parts, it cleans easily and is ideal for homes with pets and small children.

Vornado Vortex Electric Heater with Auto Climate

A Vornado Vortex Electric Heater with Auto Climate on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Vornado’s Vortex line of electric space heaters strikes a good balance between affordability, streamlined looks, and reliable heating power. The AVH10 boasts enough juice to heat rooms up to 300 square feet and a built-in fan to spread the warmth around. The sleek cabinet isn’t quite as cool as the Dyson’s, but it’s still better looking than most typical space heaters. Plus, the design features overheat protection and a safety tip-over switch to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Lasko Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

A space heater from Lasko.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Of course, you needn’t drop $100 or more for a decent space heater. Lasko’s 754200 is an ideal model for anyone on a budget. The straightforward design isn’t going to win any awards, but it gets the job done. Two basic dials provide easy access to the unit’s 1,500 watts of heating power — enough to warm up to 300 square feet of space. Plus, it’s ultra-compact, and the built-in carry handle makes it easy to move between rooms.

DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater

A DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater with wheels on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Radiant heaters might be the least stylish breed of space heaters, but they can be the most effective. DeLonghi’s TRD40615E full room heater puts out a solid 1,500 watts of heating power without making a sound. The adjustable thermostat boasts three heat settings, so you can dial in your exact level of comfort. With a heavy steel assembly, it’s a beast of a design that’s built to outlast you.

Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater

A teal Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Space heaters are rarely considered “sexy.” But Vornado’s VHEAT brings the heat in more ways than one. The vintage design is inspired by the company’s original 1945 Vornadofan, complete with durable metal housing and retro controls. Unlike cheaper space heaters, it uses vortex air circulation without intense coil heat, not unlike how a traditional furnace works.

DeLonghi Compact Ceramic Space Heater

A black DeLonghi Compact Ceramic Space Heater on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The DeLonghi compact capsule space heater is perfect for keeping smaller rooms heated and comfortable. It features an adjustable thermostat so you can choose your optimal temperature, tip-over safety (which is necessary for space heaters nowadays), and an awesome antifreeze setting that will automatically turn on and warm up its surroundings in freezing temperatures. Talk about a reliable cold-weather companion.

Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater

A black Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater on plain background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Honeywell’s UberHeat space heater pushes a powerful wave of warmth from a sleek, circular design. You can choose from two constant heat settings or adjust the thermostat to maintain a specific temperature. With its compact design, it’s perfect for a room that features a desktop, nightstand, or tabletop setting.

Cozy Toes Carpet Mat Space Heater

A space heater mat from Cozy.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Cozy Toes offers a space heater that may seem a little unconventional, but it gets the job done when you consider what you’re using it for. It’s a low-watt option that won’t heat up an entire room, but it’s perfect for keeping your feet warm at the office, in the bathroom, or for those cold nights lounging on the couch. The low wattage provides high fire protection and this mat can be transported wherever you need it.

Northwest Curved Color Changing Fireplace

An electric fireplace from Northwest and a remote controller.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Whether you’re looking for a simple heat source inside the house or you want to light up your annual holiday party with fluorescent flames, this electric fireplace from Northwest not only provides all the benefits of a fireplace without all the danger, it offers color-changing settings, too. There are two heat settings, over 10 flame color options with adjustable brightness, and the fireplace automatically shuts off when it starts to overheat. The steel and glass design is minimalistic and versatile. It also boasts wall-mounting hardware for seamless installation.

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