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Heat Up Your Digs with One of Our Picks for the Best Space Heaters

Winter is nigh, friends, and temperatures are beginning to drop. That only means one thing: Now is the perfect time to get your hands on some extra warmth in the form of a powerful space heater (and some homemade hot cocktails).

The ideal space heater emits toasty goodness without costing too much money, is compact in design, and isn’t such an eyesore that you’ll want to hide it every time you have people over to your place. Basically, it’s an energy efficient tool that’s as practical as it is stylish and will keep your home feeling like summer all winter long.

7 Best Space Heaters for the Home

To figure out which option is best for you, we’ve got ultimate buyers guide to the best space heaters below.

Delonghi Compact Ceramic Space Heater – $45

The De’Longhi compact space heater is perfect for keeping smaller rooms heated and comfortable. It features an adjustable thermostat so you can choose your optimal temperature, tip-over safety (which is necessary for space heaters nowadays), and an awesome antifreeze setting that will automatically turn on and warm up its surroundings in freezing temperatures. Talk about a reliable cold weather companion.

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Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater – $35

UberHeat’s heater pushes a powerful wave of warmth from a sleek and circular design. You can choose from two constant heat settings or adjust the thermostat to maintain a certain temperature. With its compact design, it would be perfect for a room that features a desktop, nightstand, or tabletop setting.

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Dyson Hot & Cool Bladeless Fan & Heater with Jet Focus – $401

For those looking to reap all the practical benefits of a space heater without sacrificing their design aesthetic, this stylish heater from Dyson is a great option. The fan heats with a special jet focus technology, which warms both small and large spaces. Plus it doubles as a cooling fan, so you can use it for multiple seasons.

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Mill Convection LED Space Heater – $119

Mill’s convection space heater is by far the best looking modern furnace amongst our best space heaters list. Not only is this elegantly designed, it offers proficient portability, expert heat distribution, a modern LED display, and an ideally silent operating system. The steel construction and aluminum footing gives you a durable option for pushing out heat that will last through multiple winter seasons, too.

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Cozy Toes Carpet Mat Space Heater – $44

Cozy Toes offers a space heater that may seem a little unconventional, but it gets the job done when you consider what you’re using it for. It’s a low watt option that won’t heat up a room, but it’s a perfect for keeping your feet warm at the office, or those toes nice and toasty while you’re at home in the bathroom or for those cold nights lounging on the couch. The low wattage provides high fire protection and this mat can be transported wherever you need it.

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Lasko Personal Space Heater – $20

Sometimes all you need is a toasty little heater in front of you and only you. Whether you’re sitting in your favorite chair at home or even at your work desk, Lasko’s personal space heater is the portable heat source you desire, providing quick and easy warmth by way of fan delivery.

This puppy provides ample heat with lower power usage, meaning your energy bill won’t be swell if used often, while offering a cool-to-touch exterior for easy handling and built-in safety protection if left on too long.

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Northwest Electric Fireplace – $194

Whether you’re looking for a simple heat source inside the house or you want to light up your annual holiday party with fluorescent flames, this electric fireplace from Northwest not only provides all the benefits of a fireplace without all the danger, it offers color-changing settings, too. There are two heat settings, over 10 flame color options with adjustable brightness, and the fireplace automatically shuts off when it starts to overheat. The steel and glass design is minimalistic and versatile. It also boasts wall-mounting hardware for seamless installation.

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