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13 Best TV Shows of 2022 To Watch (So Far)

2021 hasn’t exactly been the comeback year we were all hoping for but that hasn’t stopped the industry from unveiling some hilarious, topical, witty, and spellbinding TV series for all to enjoy. Reflecting this mood, a lot of the titles on this list have elements of comedy to brighten one’s spirits alongside some potentially dark content. There are also, however, some shows that make some bold statements about our world today through thematic parallels that are important to experience. Whichever genre is your favorite, maybe 2022 has it all and more.

If you’re having a hard time deciding what to watch, just stick around for some of the best new series to watch in 2022.

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The White Lotus (2021)

The White Lotus
82 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Cast Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge
Created by Mike White
A new and interesting mystery/thriller/drama from HBO is The White Lotus, a show that will make you want to scream if you’ve ever worked in the service industry before. The White Lotus is an expensive destination resort in Hawaii where only the richest people go, and, if money is never an issue, multitudes of other issues will be either created out of boredom or presented due to sheer arrogance.
The White Lotus: Official Trailer | HBO

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Loki (2021)

74 %
tv-14 1 Season
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Cast Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino
Created by Michael Waldron
One of the new side-story show additions to the Marvel Universe is Loki, a show that unfolds the character of Loki and takes a full dive into his psyche and mannerisms. Framed as an inter-dimensional mystery show, Loki must find himself and what it means to be ‘a Loki’ in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame.

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Invincible (2021)

73 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Animation, Action, Adventure
Cast Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh
Created by Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, Cory Walker
Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name, Invincible is an animated superhero story that is unlike any other. With a father who is the most powerful superhero on Earth, 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) slowly begins to gain his own powers as he learns about his father’s dark past.

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Sweet Tooth (2021)

Sweet Tooth
78 %
tv-14 1 Season
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama
Cast Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie
Created by Jim Mickle
In the midst of an apocalyptic pandemic, children suddenly are born as hybrids, somewhere between human and animal. A little boy known as “Sweet Tooth” or Gus (Christian Convery) is the focus of this show, detailing the discrimination and evil of humankind as one of the most astonishing events in human history takes place. The performances and pace of events are what make this show, besides being a great and new concept that comes from the DC Comics series.
Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Sasquatch (2021)

tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Documentary, Mystery, Crime
Cast David Holthouse
Created by Joshua Rofé
In a surprisingly thrilling documentary series based in California’s Emerald Triangle, Sasquatch explores the tales and theories of California weed farmers and their testaments to an evil force lurking in the forest. David Holthouse — an experienced journalist who has gone undercover with street gangs and neo-Nazis — reveals what he finds to be “the craziest story” he’s ever heard, detailing his time working at a cannabis farm in northern California and the many stories he heard.

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Mare of Easttown (2021)

Mare of Easttown
81 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Drama, Mystery, Crime
Cast Kate Winslet, Julianne Nicholson, Jean Smart
Created by Brad Ingelsby
As far as movies’ gradual transition to long-form miniseries goes, Mare of Easttown is a gem that provides Kate Winslet with yet another career-best performance. Famous in her small town for an impressive shot in a high school basketball game, Mare is now a police officer with an unsolved missing person case that is causing her life to unravel.

Made For Love (2021)

Made For Love
68 %
tv-ma 2 Seasons
Genre Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy
Cast Cristin Milioti, Billy Magnussen, Ray Romano
Created by Patrick Somerville, Dean Bakopoulos, Alissa Nutting, Christina Lee
A thrilling and simultaneously hilarious sci-fi dramedy to watch is Made For Love, the story of a woman trapped in a corrosive marriage to a tech billionaire who has implanted her with a chip that is supposed to enhance their love life. Though he does all he can — monitors her visually, audibly, and emotionally through this implant — she scrapes and claws her way out by any means necessary, with some surprising moments of comedy that are pure and welcome.

Beartown (2020)

tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Drama
Cast Miriam Ingrid, Oliver Dufåker, Otto Fahlgren
Created by Linn Gottfridsson, Antonia Pyk, Peter Grönlund, Anders Weidemann
In a town where the absolute main focus is hockey, Beartown rides a wave of glory as one girl goes through the most traumatic experience of her life. Though it is based in a small town in Sweden, this show says a lot about what people will allow psychologically manipulative and power-hungry men to get away with when they are simply good at something or are a “good person.”

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (2021)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch
67 %
tv-pg 1 Season
Genre Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Cast Dee Bradley Baker, Michelle Ang
Created by Dave Filoni
Staying true to the canon built up in Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch takes some of our favorite characters and turns them into a mercenary-style squad of badasses. An enhanced group of clones also known as Clone Force 99 is notorious for being rebellious and unpredictable, so when their commanders attempt to force their cooperation, they become fugitives forever battling the assassins and droid forces sent to destroy them.

Blindspotting (2021)

76 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Comedy, Drama
Cast Jasmine Cephas Jones, Benjamin Earl Turner, Candace Nicholas-Lippman
Created by Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal
Based on the story from the 2018 film of the same name, Blindspotting is a continuation of the story that comes from the minds of the previous film’s writers: Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs. When Ashley’s (Jasmine Cephas Jones) husband Miles is arrested, she must move into her mother-in-law’s house to live with her and her half-sister all while taking care of her own child and making big life decisions.

WandaVision (2021)

77 %
tv-14 1 Season
Genre Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mystery, Drama
Cast Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kathryn Hahn
Created by Jac Schaeffer
In yet another Marvel series to hit the Disney+ streaming service, WandaVision has it all. If you’ve seen all of the Avengers movies, then you are likely already familiar with Wanda and Vision — but you have never seen them like this. Set in a series of sitcoms throughout the ages, WandaVision follows the couple as they traverse a televerse where they happen to be the main characters. We don’t want to give away the story beyond that, however, so you’ll just have to watch it.

Hacks (2021)

85 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Comedy, Drama
Cast Jean Smart, Hannah Einbinder, Carl Clemons-Hopkins
Created by Jen Statsky, Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs
When a young and inexperienced comedy writer happens upon the once-incredible Las Vegas comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), a twisted and dysfunctional mentorship begins to form and fester. This show is as cleverly written as it is dark, detailing the highs and lows of the industry and all the push and pull it takes to make it in any category.

The Underground Railroad (2021)

The Underground Railroad
92 %
tv-ma 1 Season
Genre Drama
Cast Thuso Mbedu, Chase W. Dillon, Joel Edgerton
Created by Barry Jenkins
Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Colson Whitehead novel of the same name, The Underground Railroad is a thrilling and heartbreaking tale of slavery, escape, and the stories that follow. A young woman named Cora (Thuso Mbedu) escapes her slave life on a Georgia plantation through an underground railroad but is hunted by a notoriously skilled slave hunter named Ridgeway (Joel Edgerton).

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