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The Single Best Bunch of Flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021

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Women love flowers, or so the cliché goes, but really, few Valentine’s Day gifts are a bigger waste of money. Don’t get us wrong, giving flowers is great. Getting flowers, also great. But because of how quickly cut flowers rot, they’re rarely a statement gift, and as such, they have to be be presented with another present, effectively doubling your losses. With Venus et Fleur, however, the humble flower finally receives its prominence, becoming a true gift that lasts far beyond its peers.

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Straight from the mouth of Shakespeare, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Venus et Fleur’s flowers smell as fragrant as any other roses, which is to say, lovely, but where its products set themselves apart is longevity. Put its roses head to head with those from your local bodega. Give them a week in a fourth-floor, radiator-heated apartment and see how they fare. True, all roses may smell similar, but all roses certainly aren’t created equal. Whether by alchemy or some real Beauty and the Beast wizardry, these roses last and last and last. Guaranteed to maintain their perfect blooms for a year, it’s not an exaggeration to say that these may be the first cut flowers you’ll ever need to dust.

Venus et Fleur

Launched in 2015, Venus et Fleur was founded by Sunny Chadha, who was disappointed with a wilted bouquet he shipped to then-girlfriend Seema Bansal. So, like any good man, he took matters into his own hands. Maybe he made a deal with the devil. Maybe black magic spells were woven into the soil of some of the world’s premier flower-growing fields, or mad scientists used the power of lightning to imbue humble blossoms with unholy life. (The company has not denied any of these methods were not used.) But Sunny found the fountain of youth, and his roses, hydrangeas, and gardenias are the perfect gift to represent your undying affection to your partner.

The company’s flowers have a consistent presentation, with the classic “princess” style dominating. Heart shapes and jewelry-box displays are common, so while you’re sure to make a statement with a delivery, your partner’s tastes should be weighed to know if it will be a hit or a horror show. There’s also the cost: With

a single rose for $44

, bouquets several hundreds of dollars, and

a 250-count arrangement for $1,999

, it may actually be cheaper to buy fresh-cut regular flowers from your local Trader Joe’s over the next year and switch them out in the middle of the night.

But if you’re not willing to replace wilted blossoms in the small hours of the morning and are looking to keep your partner in bloom from this Valentine’s Day to the next, Venus et Fleur is your best option. Your best bet would be their

Small Heart Box

, which is set in a V-Day-inspired container. Its flowers are beautiful, their longevity, otherworldly. When the first mission to Mars is finally shot into space, it’s a safe bet that the only cut flowers to make it to the red planet will be those made by Venus et Fleur.

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