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5 Best Commuter Bikes for Living that City Life on Two Wheels

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Whether you’re looking to kick-start your way to a healthy lifestyle, start saving some money on transit, or chase the feeling of wind whistling by your face, there is no time better than now to hop on two wheels for your morning and evening commute. What type of bicycle you choose to ride will depend on a few factors, such as how far your trip is, terrain, weather, your desired bike appearance, and comfort.

We’ve assembled a collection of the best commuter bikes that do more than just get you to work and back. These puppies will let you shine like a reflector on the road and weave through city traffic with ease.

State Bicycle Company LaFluer 3 – $449

For some of us, the way we look on our bike is half the motivation to commute on two wheels. State Bicycle Co.’s new summer collection of Core-Line bikes boasts bright aesthetics for both personal style and added visibility. The LaFluer 3 features a black and white frame with vintage cyan and magenta accents that will draw attention without draining your bank. State Bicycle Co. also lets you customize your ride with two sets of wheels; bullhorn, drop, or pursuit handlebars; and a frame that fits your height.

If you’re looking to ride real loud, the Pardi B design ($449) stunts one of the brand’s most distinct colorways: a white frame with confetti-like party decals.

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Brooklyn Bicycle Company WYTHE – $450

Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s WYTHE bicycle makes our list of best commuter bikes because of its versatility and minimalist appearance. Not only does this puppy come with stouthearted all-terrain tires and premium barring hubs to get you through all those unpaved road shortcuts, it also supplies you with a comfortable and explosive riding experience. Available in three standout colorways, the WYTHE bike will outshine almost any other on the road, which will also be handy during the dark days of winter.

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Pure Cycles Road Bike – $499

The fashion world isn’t the only market seeing a rebirth of ’90s culture and aesthetic. This road bike from Pure Cycles is brimming with retro style You can have the bike delivered and assembled for a little added money, but Pure Cycles also lets you DIYers have some fun with free self-assembly.

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Helix Folding Bike – $1,900

Canadian bicycle startup Helix is bringing a new sense of inspiration with its folding bicycle design. The enhanced portability and safety is something you truly can’t put a price on. The Helix tucks away easily enough for trips on public transportation and can be hidden under your desk at work to alleviate bike-theft anxiety. You could also, theoretically, pack it in your suitcase on your next vacation. Although it disassembles with ease, the bike is built to last with a durable, yet lightweight titanium frame.

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Raleigh 2018 Port Townsend – $760

Of course, a collection of the best commuter bikes wouldn’t be complete without having a practical pick. Raleigh’s 2018 Port Townsend is an upright city bike that supplies a front basket perfectly sized for a 12-pack of brew on the way home and a fender to protect against mud and god knows what else. In top of that, its aesthetics are spectacular. The Port Townsend’s attributes include a blue frame with chrome accents, as well as tough, durable, road-ready tires to get you to and from work with ease.

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Remember, a bike is only as good as the lock that keeps it in your possession. We recommend the TIGR mini+ ($135) u-style lock due to its lightweight frame and intelligently designed locking system.

If all this bike talk has sparked your interest in hopping on two wheels and hitting the highway, check out our guide to the best cycling trips to take before you die.

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