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VW exec hints that Golf brand could be future of Volkswagen electric cars

The VW Golf could make a comeback with an ID Golf

Volkswagen discontinued the all-electric e-Golf in the U.S. in 2020 and, at the time, confirmed that the automaker had no plans to introduce an electric version of the Mk 8 Golf. With the German brand investing money into its ID lineup of EVs, like the ID.3, which we don’t get in America, and the ID.4, which is a compact SUV that we do get, it didn’t see a need to offer the e-Golf. Maybe it was the naming structure. All of VW’s modern electric vehicles are neatly tucked under the ID family, while the e-Golf stood alone on its own. Whatever the reason, VW pulled the plug on the e-Golf. But now, the brand’s tune has changed on the model, as we could see it be revived in the future.

Speaking with Autocar, Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schafer confirmed that the automaker wasn’t quite done with the Golf name. The CEO stated that the Golf name will be used for an all-electric vehicle based on the hatchback’s ninth-gen model. Schafer stated that the Golf is likely to live on underneath the automaker’s ID line of all-electric vehicles once the current, eight-gen Golf heads off to retirement, which is likely to happen around 2027. When Volkswagen introduced the ID.3 for Europe, we thought it was a permanent replacement for the e-Golf, but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

“It would be crazy to let [Golf and GTI] die and slip away,” Schafer told Autocar. “We will stick with the ID logic but iconic models will carry a name.” The CEO didn’t provide any information on names, but he did say that an “ID.Golf” is possible. That also makes the most sense if Volkswagen wants its electric cars to fit neatly into a single naming structure. Plus, the ID.Golf would fit neatly into the automaker’s lineup if it chooses to use the ID name, as Autocar believes an electric Golf would be positioned between the upcoming ID.2 and the current ID.3 because of its size.

As for the GTI, Volkswagen could use the name to replace the GTX moniker that it’s currently using for sporty versions of its all-electric ID cars in Europe. The brand sells GTX versions of the ID.4 and ID.5, while the 2023 ID.3 GTX is on the horizon. The GTI name is one that’s been closely tied to the Golf, though VW has used it on sporty versions for a few of its other models. When people think of the GTI, they know it’s a sporty vehicle. But with all things involving names (as anyone that’s had to name a puppy or a child can attest to) it’s hard to get something that’s both catchy and sticks.

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