Tesla Model S Finally Gets a Facelift for 2016

It may come as a surprise, but the Tesla Model S has been on the market almost four years now, and in that time, though there have been many software and hardware updates, there hasn’t been a single styling change, until now. Starting today, all Model S vehicles that come from the company’s Fremont, CA plant will sport a new grille-less front fascia and some other tweaks, bringing its design in line with Tesla’s newer Model X and Model 3 cars.

The updates aren’t just surface-level either. Tesla has also added the HEPA air-filtrations system from the Model X as an option on the 2016 Model S. The filter removes “99.97 percent of particulate exhaust pollution and effectively all allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants from cabin air.”

2016 Tesla Model S

Additionally, Tesla has increased the capacity of its onboard charger from 40 amps to 48 amps. This means 2016 Model S sedans will be able to recharge their batteries more quickly when plugged into higher-amp charging stations.

Inside, customers can option their Model S with Dark Ash Wood Décor or Figured Ash Wood Décor. Last week, there were rumors that the Model S would also get a price bump, but Tesla has yet to announce starting figures for its re-faced sedan. The EV maker could nudge the Model S up a bit to put more ground between it and the new Model 3.

Oh and if you’re wondering why Tesla would wait so long into the new year to reveal a “2016” model, where other automakers will reveal the next model year during the previous one, there’s no real rhyme or reason to it – Tesla has always just done things when it wanted to – so the “2016 Model S” may look exactly like the 2015 model year, or it may look like this new style.

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