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Escape Civilization in Luxury with Patriot Campers X3 4×4 Pop-Up Trailer

In the wake of this pandemic, it seems like just about everything is closed right now: bars, national parks, Disney World. What’s mostly open, however, is the great outdoors. If you’re looking to elevate your social distancing to the next level, there’s nothing better than a hardcore, off-road-ready travel trailer to take you far, far from civilization.

Patriot Campers X3 - 2020 WINNER Australian Offroad Camper Trailer of the Year - Launch Film

From the outside, Patriot Campers’ X3 4×4 trailer is surprisingly compact, measuring roughly 12 feet long by 6 feet wide. Fully collapsed, it’s under 6 feet tall. But that tight footprint unfurls to reveal a full-featured, multi-person basecamp with virtually every comfort of home. The long list of mostly standard amenities includes sleeping quarters for up to four, a diesel hot water shower, a slide-out porta-potty, and plenty of hideaway seating and storage. The cooking setup expands into an L-shaped kitchen that feels downright massive, given the X3’s diminutive size. It includes a sink with running water, a dedicated food prep area, a large external pantry, and enough space for a 75L Dometic fridge and other small appliances. A fully optioned model adds a swing-away BBQ grill, a pop-up coffee station, and even a miniature “mancave.”

Of course, all the creature comforts in the world are useless without the power to keep them going. At the heart of the X3 are twin gel batteries with a total of 300 amp-hours. An optional solar system makes it possible to disappear from civilization almost indefinitely. The integrated 1500W inverter is more than enough to power the X3’s bevy of USB and 12V power outlets. A massive 34.3-gallon water tank will maintain even a family of four for a week or more.

Patriot Campers is known for some of the best, most capable off-road trailers in the world. The X3 is no different. The galvanized steel chassis, adjustable airbag suspension, and 33-inch mud-terrain tires are designed to go almost literally anywhere. Plus, with a tare weight of under 2,200 pounds, the entire package is easily towable with even a small SUV.

Until recently, most towable trailers were squarely targeted at no-frills campers looking for a barebones rig on a budget. Teardrop and similar trailers provide a hardshell alternative to sleeping in a tent. However, without essentials like a cooking setup, camp shower, or some semblance of a toilet, their utility was limited. With the explosion in popularity of overlanding, more adventurers are looking for full-featured, pop-up trailers with serious off-road chops like the X3.

The base price for the Patriot Campers X3 starts just under $52,000. That bottom line balloons quickly with add-ons like the awning, barbecue grill, and pop-up cafe. However, if you’re going to social distance far from home, why not take every earthly convenience with you?

If you value weight over sheer off-road capability, check out our roundup of the best ultra-light travel trailers for 2020.

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