Britain’s Legendary Morgan Motor Company Announces ‘110 Anniversary’ Lineup

Most Americans have never heard of, let alone actually seen, a Morgan, but automotive enthusiasts know the company well. For more than a century, the British brand has made a name for itself with handcrafted, open-air roadsters unlike almost any other cars on the road. Now, the automaker is celebrating its 110th anniversary with three refreshed models.

morgan 110 anniversary lineup

On the outside, every vehicle in the 2019 ‘110 Anniversary’ line-up gets an all-new color palette, including Classic Range and Metallic Range options carefully chosen by the Morgan design team. Special ‘110 Anniversary’ badging will further set each one apart from the company’s typical stable.

On the Plus 4 and flagship Roadster models, race-inspired enhancements include a rear-exit sports exhaust and a leather bonnet strap which hearken back to the company’s early days. New interior detailing consists of a wood-rimmed or leather Moto-Lita steering wheel, a mohair hood pack, performance seats, and the customer’s choice of Yarwood leather.

The 110 Anniversary edition of the 3 Wheeler — arguably Morgan’s signature ride — boasts a body-colored engine cowl, black roll hoops, and black exhaust heat shields. All combine to create a look that’s equal parts heritage and steampunk. The interior receives equally sexy upgrades like quilted leather stitching, center-split seats, and a mohair tonneau cover — all at no extra cost.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler, in particular, plays in the rare stratum of three-wheeled vehicles with little competition. The Batman-esque Polaris Slingshot Autocycle and Can-Am Spyder may be the next best things, but the Morgan 3 Wheeler captures the raw purity of automotive design, history, and just plain fun. One soldier in Britain’s Royal Flying Corps described it as, “the nearest thing to flying without leaving the ground.” There’s a reason we selected it as one of our all-time favorite road trip cars (nevermind that it’s not quite a “car”).

The celebratory line-up seems a fitting salute to Morgan’s legacy. For more than a century, the brand’s ethos has been, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The aesthetic and purity of their rides have changed little since the company was founded. All of this could be why it remains the world’s largest privately owned automaker, still in Morgan family hands since before World War I.

The 110 Anniversary models are available in LHD and RHD configurations with no-cost upgrades. The entry-level Morgan 3 Wheeler starts at £39,486.00 (approximately USD $51,300); the Plus 4 at £44,106.00 (USD $57,300); and the Roadster at £55,074.00 (USD $71,550). Standing out rarely comes cheap.


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