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Aston Martin Residences Miami: Limited availability, luxe interior, and 0 wheels

You can now live in an Aston Martin

Aston Martin's Miami Residences
Aston Martin

The name Aston Martin may make you think of speed or spying, but it’s styling that’s always set the brand apart from its competitors. While many manufacturers can go a bit barebones with their performance models, Aston Martin still somehow includes a truly luxurious interior with everything it builds. If you want to spend your life inside an Aston, you now can—sort of. The British car maker has decided to turn its hand to construction and now has a condo building in Miami.

A total of 391 Aston Martin condominiums have been built inside a 66-story building situated where the Miami River meets the Biscayne Bay. The total number of condos is about on par with one of Aston’s limited-run cars. Aston claims its sail-shaped condo building is the tallest all-residential structure you’ll find south of New York City.

Still, if you manage to get one of the few remaining units, you can work alongside the Aston Martin design team and have it tailored to your specifications. There are three basic interior styles: “Timeless,” which emphasizes heritage; “Covert,” which is darker; and “Indulgent,” which includes natural materials and a softer palette. Once you’ve picked a style, the design team will help you integrate it into your living space.

Panoramic views and sleek design

Aston Martin's Miami Residences Interior
Aston Martin

The condo’s grand opening is set to coincide with the 2024 Miami Grand Prix weekend, but there’s more to see than the race itself. Aston claims that the residences offer “breathtaking panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami River and the dynamic city skyline, providing an ever-changing, immersive backdrop that reflects Miami’s tropical environment.”

Its lobby and other common areas were conceived in Aston Martin’s Warwickshire design studio, and aim to convey a sense of the brand’s image while also providing the luxury experience Aston owners will be used to. Little touches include “doors with bespoke artisan Aston Martin handles, number plinths, and kestrel tan leather door tabs,” while the building’s larger features are its two-floor fitness center, infinity pool, and glass staircase. The 55th floor and its pool deck feature a number of jacuzzis and cabanas along with a “skybar,” restaurant, and a number of meeting spaces.

Residents will also have access to an art gallery, two movie theaters, a virtual golf simulator, a business center and conference room, a kids’ playroom, a full-service spa, a beauty salon and a barbershop. There’s also an “exclusive” superyacht marina if superyacht parking is a major concern of yours when house hunting. A butler service is also on hand, assuming you haven’t bothered to bring your own.

The full range of condos hasn’t been laid out, but seven residents will be in penthouses and each of those penthouses has its own private pool and terrace. The pick of the penthouses is the “Unique Triplex Penthouse,” which is described as “a magnificent three-floor condominium, spanning a total 27,191 square feet of living space, situated at the pinnacle of the property.”

Another thing the condos seem to have in common with Aston’s special projects is their availability. At the time of writing, 99% of them have already been sold. So if you’re reading this, you probably can’t have one.

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