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Nick Jaynes

Nick Jaynes

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Nick Jaynes is the automotive editor of The Manual. When Nick isn't behind the wheel on the open road, he can be found traipsing around the woods with his coonhound, Ruger. Despite what anyone else thinks, Nick considers himself a younger, handsomer, shoutier version of Jeremy Clarkson. Find him on Twitter @NickJaynes

bentley and savile row partner to create bespoke driving jackets featured

Bentley takes bespoke to your torso with these Savile Row driving jackets

Bentley commissioned several bespoke driving jackets from four of the leading houses on Savile Row.
the sun rises on rolls royces new drophead convertible dubbed dawn royce silver 2

The sun rises on Rolls-Royce’s new drophead convertible, dubbed ‘Dawn’

Rolls-Royce announced today that its newest drophead model (Brit for “convertible”) will be called ‘Dawn.’
acuras 2016 nsx hybrid supercar debuts detroit acura 1

Acura’s 2016 NSX hybrid supercar debuts in Detroit

Acura -- after long last -- has revealed the production version of its all-new, second-gen NSX supercar.
10 best cars drove 2014

The 10 Best Cars We Drove in 2014

Of all the cars we drove in 2014, these ten were the absolute best.
Top gear

Top Gear returns Dec. 27th with controversial Patagonia Special

The Top Gear boys are back just after Christmas on December 27th with their controversial Patagonia Special.
vintage wheels great way blow afternoon thousands dollars alfa romeo

Vintage Wheels: A great way to blow an afternoon … and thousands of dollars

2015 bentley continental gt3 r first drive 3

Bentley remembers its racing heritage in the snarling Continental GT3-R

first drive 2015 rolls royce ghost series ii 940

First drive: 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

The 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II has been refreshed, giving the already impressive vehicle a bit more gravitas with new exterior details and improved interior technology.
2015 audi s3 review 19

Chasing a Le Mans Legend behind the wheel of the 2015 Audi S3

2015 bentley mulsanne speed speed10

2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed: Physics has met its match

The 2015 Bentley Mulsanne Speed, which officially debuts next month at the Paris Motor Show, is the ultimate expression of the bespoke limousine.
world conquering alpha male 10 hours lamborghini aventador 2015 front angle

World-conquering alpha male: 10 hours in a Lamborghini Aventador

autodromo stradale automatic at 2014 pebble beach concours gray hero 600x400

Test drive: Autodromo Stradale Automatic at Pebble Beach 2014

jaguar partners bremont create lightweight e type wristwatches jag watches 940

Jaguar and Bremont create Lightweight E-Type wristwatches

jaguar builds f type concept for tour de france r coupe 2

Jaguar builds F-TYPE Concept for Tour de France

ares savile row automotive industry

ARES: Savile Row of the automotive industry

ARES: Savile Row of the automotive industry
audis r8 lmx laser headlights 570 hp v10 audi hero

Audi’s R8 LMX: Laser headlights and a 570-horsepower V10

Audi unveiled a limited-edition supercar called the R8 LMX, which will become the world’s first production car to offer laser headlights as standard.
roundabout signs no speeding

German Autobahn ‘No Speed Limit’ signs from Roundabout Signs

land rover discovery vision concept 14

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Land Rover unveiled its Discovery Vision Concept at the New York Auto Show.
new bentley suv coming 12

The all-new Bentley SUV is coming…

Bentley teased its all-new SUV this week. Slim on details, the bespoke British automaker has stated that it aims to sell 3,000 examples each year.
rolls royces ghost ii exudes opulence right monogrammed fuel cap 2015 royce 1

Rolls-Royce’s Ghost II exudes opulence, down to the monogrammed fuel cap

Rolls-Royce has released the images and specifications of its latest model: the Ghost II.
vws golf gte plug hybrid handles like gti volkswagen 8

VW’s Golf GTE is a plug-in hybrid that handles like a GTI

Volkswagen will unveil the all-new Golf GTE plug-in hybrid in Geneva next month.
audis 300 horsepower s3 cabriolet class audi

Audi’s 300-horsepower S3 Cabriolet is all class

Audi’s S3, when becoming the Cabriolet, loses two doors and a roof.
mercedes new s class coupe loves corners much actively leans 2015 right side angle

Mercedes’ S-Class Coupe loves corners so much, it actively leans into them

2014 BMW 435i Convertible

2014 BMW 435i Convertible: A very, very slow drive through the Valley of Fire

BMW’s 4 Series Convertible is lighter weight and more aerodynamic than the 3 Series Convertible it replaces.
first drive 2014 bmw m235i coupe front left

First Drive: 2014 BMW M235i

In its model reshuffle, BMW has sent the compact 1 Series out to pasture and replaced it with a slightly larger, meaner 2 Series.
2015 chevrolet corvette z06 first true american supercar

The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06: The first true American supercar

Chevrolet just unveiled its all-new 2015 Corvette Z06 that impressively outshines even the current-gen $100,000 Corvette ZR1.
2015 Audi Q3

Meet Audi’s quaint yet sporty 2015 Q3 compact crossover

Audi announced this morning that it will be bringing its Q3 compact crossover to the States in 2015.
forget gucci bugatti belt buckle costs 84000 f

Forget Gucci. This Bugatti belt buckle costs $84,000

This belt buckle offers wearers the ability to dial in the perfect snugness with a mechanism capable of a “click-free click.”
bmw details i8 performance figures drab impressive video p90131414 highres

BMW details i8 performance figures in drab but impressive video

BMW is on a PR offensive to impress upon the general public how equally powerful and efficient the powertrain of the all-new i8 is.
mclaren replacing windshield wipers ultrasonic force field jets p1 3

McLaren is replacing windshield wipers with ultrasonic force field from jets

Hypercar-maker McLaren is replacing windshield wipers with a force field inspired by jetfighters.
chevys new world class corvette first youll want retire 2014 chevrolet stingray convertible

Chevy’s new world-class Corvette is the first you’ll want before you retire

The Stingray Convertible is an American sports car to rival the Germans, Italians, and the English in all the best ways.
thing missing lambos veneno roadster wings lamborghini

The only thing missing from Lamborghini’s Veneno Roadster is wings

Lamborghini spared no expense officially unveiling its $4.5 million roadster off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on December 1st.
iron mans acura nsx roadster will real hybrid powerplant arc reactor 2014 convertible hd 1024x585

Iron Man’s Acura NSX Roadster will be real

Acura brass confirmed that they are planning an open-air version of the all-new NSX hybrid supercar.
jean claude van dammes volvo truck ads kickin damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Volvo Truck Ads are kickin’

If you thought Ron Burgundy was the only successful celebrity endorsing an automaker, think again. Jean-Claude Van Damme has teamed up with Volvo Trucks.
reboot buggy drives spits fire thats

The Reboot Buggy drives and spits fire … and that’s about it

The Reboot Buggy from Joey Ruiter is a return to the motoring basics: engine and wheels.
carbon fiber suckers real men get silver covered cars bmw 760i sterling

Carbon is for suckers. Real men get silver-covered cars

2014 mercedes benz g63 amg outside willow springs header

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG outside Willow Springs

driving porsche panamera like losing virginity surviving nuclear blast porche

The Porsche Panamera: face of a 911, the body of a beluga

Driving the Porsche Panamera is like losing your virginity and surviving an atomic blast all at once. It’s incredible.
lamborghini urus suv

The Lamborghini Urus could resurrect Hunter S. Thompson

The insane Lamborghini Urus SUV is going into production.
live like nick cage post apocalypse brabus b63s 700 6x6

Live like Nick Cage during the post-apocalypse with the Brabus B63S 700 6×6

Live like Nick Cage during the post-apocalypse with the Brabus B63S 700 6x6
audi sport quattro concept another lumpy plug hybrid supercar feature

The Audi Sport quattro concept is another lumpy plug-in hybrid supercar

The Audi Sport quattro concept is another lumpy plug-in hybrid supercar
volkswagen scirocco r coolest car cant get states

The Volkswagen Scirocco R is the coolest car we can’t get in the States

That’s right. The Volkswagen Scirocco R is the coolest car we can’t get in the States. Well, not yet anyway.
the brabus 800 roadster born from weather machines header

The Brabus 800 Roadster: born from weather machines

The Brabus 800 Roadster is like a tiger on Quaaludes
the 1967 cadillac eldorado is reborn as elmiraj concept 2013

The 1967 Cadillac Eldorado is reborn as the Elmiraj Concept

The 1967 Eldorado is reborn as the Cadillac Elmiraj
mercedes benz presents does a swimsuit inspired convertible mara hoffman receives  title

Mercedes-Benz does a swimsuit-inspired convertible

‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ does a swimsuit-inspired convertible.
sienna miller and james franco unveil the bmw i3 electric car for some reason header

Sienna Miller and James Franco unveil the BMW i3 electric car, for some reason

Sienna Miller and James Franco unveil the BMW i3 and it could mean the Germans are a bit nervous of their all-new electric car.
the bmw active tourer outdoor concept is a gorgeous abomination p90127944 highres

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is a Gorgeous Abomination

The BMW Active Tourer Outdoor Concept is a Gorgeous Abomination