Jaguar and Bremont create Lightweight E-Type wristwatches

Jaguar, if you’ve not heard, is planning to build and sell six Lightweight E-Types. Originally, the British brand intended to build 18 of the aluminum beauties in 1964, but only 12 were produced. This left six chassis numbers unused.

Jaguar, along with its newly founded Special Operation division, will resurrect these chassis codes and the cars that accompany them, complete with carbureted inline six-cylinders. The six cars will then be sold to six very lucky gentlemen.

If you’d like to know more about the cars, check out the report on Digital Trends. For the pages of The Manual, however, we’ll stick to the fashion bit of this story. And, yes, the story can get more fashionable.

If you’re one of the six men lucky enough to A. afford and B. get your hands on one of the six Jaguar lightweight E-Types being built, your wrist – along with your garage – will be graced with the beauty of lightweight aluminum from Jag.


That’s right; Jaguar has commissioned British watchmaker Bremont to create six limited edition watches to accompany the reborn E-Types. Not only will the design of the 43mm watches be based the E-Types, the watch bodies themselves will be forged from the leftover aluminum from the six-car build.

The face of these simple yet elegant watches features chamfered hour and minute hands, which replicate the tachometer needle. Forever tying the watches to the cars, the chassis number of the matching Lightweight E-Type will be featured at the six o’clock position. Additionally, each watch will also carry the engine number of its mated car. If that weren’t enough, the winding crown is engraved with the pattern of the period-correct racing tires so the owner never forgets of the significance of the car’s racing heritage.

On the inside, the watches will feature an all-new proprietary self-winding movement from Bremont, which has been rated for accuracy and fitted with a “steering wheel” rotor.

Want to get your hands on either one of the cars or one of the watches? Well, you better be a very lucky millionaire … and besties with the boys at Jag. If you are both those things, please drop me a line. I’d like to talk.


Case: 43mm white gold case with aluminum center ring made from the remaining material used in the construction of the Lightweight E-Type
Movement: BWC/01 Bremont proprietary, self-winding movement, chronometer rated for accuracy and fitted with ‘steering wheel’ rotor.
Dial: Based on Lightweight tachometer and marked with car chassis number.
Strap: Connolly leather, same as used for Lightweight E-Type upholstery.
Number to be built: Six

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