Adventure Travel: Catch the Next Wave with SurfYogaBeer

Adventure travel doesn’t have to be extreme for you to have an extremely good time. If you’re looking for an active and fully immersive vacation, let SurfYogaBeer guide your next epic trip. With group fitness disguised as play, local farm-to-table sustenance, surfing, sight seeing, sunset yoga, and of course beer, this adventure encourages team spirit. We caught up with Founder, Mantas Zvinas and Adventure/Event director, Kingsley Delacato in between visits to some of the most special places on the planet.

Hailing from the west coast, Mantas is a seasoned open water lifeguard with a yoga background and currently a SoulCycle instructor in New York City. “SurfYogaBeer was started because I wanted to share my love for surfing, traveling, and the incredible feelings you get after working out, especially when combined with amazing people and locations!” Destinations like Cuba, Honduras, Mexico, Belize, the Amalfi Coast, and Nicaragua set the stage for just the right mix of fitness, relaxation, and fun.

Mantas Zvinas, Founder

But, the vibe of this tribe is what really sets SurfYogaBeer adventure travel experiences apart. Like those eternal friendships you made at summer camp, you’ll want to stay in touch with your group long after you’re back home. Kingsley shares, “The bonding doesn’t stop once a trip is over. Everyone stays in touch through group chats and we really enjoy growing the community through the SYB local events throughout the year. Especially during the summer, we have our run and surf clubs, fitness classes at Bandier’s StudioB, and the random karaoke jams that just seem to naturally pop-up!”

Single adventure travel seekers are more than welcome. “Guys and girls approach us all the time saying they’re trying to find a friend to join a certain trip. We really encourage people to just come on an adventure solo because that’s honestly when the best connections have been made. It’s incredible to see it happen time and time again.”

Mantas adds “I started SurfYogaBeer when I first moved to NYC because I didn’t want to lose the active lifestyle I had growing up in Southern California. SurfYogaBeer was never about a crowd, but a community of friends to workout, get deep and have fun with. These relationships last much longer than anyone could expect. SYB is an environment of love and a place for unexpected friendships. It’s crazy how many times people tell us how the experience has seriously changed their lives.”

“There’s this beach just steps from our SYB house in Nicaragua, and when surfing I get people to paddle out to the break with me. There’s always this magical moment that happens when you’re sitting on a board with a few close friends and can only hear the sounds of the ocean and waves surrounding you. It’s the times like those that last a lifetime, exactly what I always envisioned sharing with others.

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