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Plan your Boy’s Weekend away with 3RD HOME

For those lucky enough to have a second home who are looking for that extra special stag trip or boy’s holiday, listen up. 3RD HOME is an exclusive club that offers its members the chance to rent out their holiday home to other members in exchange for the opportunity to rent out any other member’s pad for a super reasonable flat rate. Seriously though, your friends will high-five you forever more when they see you can rent a $1,000,000 house for a mere $395.

The houses/palaces on offer are scattered throughout over 70 countries so the choice feels utterly boundless. We’ve put together a list of our favorites that are guaranteed to serve as an unforgettable base for a boy’s trip that will go down in history.

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The Malibu Wing House

Release your inner Bond villain and hideout beneath the wings of a 747! This rad house is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains and boasts unparalleled views and tons of strategically placed hammocks amidst the 55-acre estate. You and your posse could spend the day lounging around the 60-foot long pool, playing bocce or playing the best game of hide and seek ever.

Chalet Les Seracs

If you’re looking to fill your lungs with seriously fresh air, Chalet Les Seracs is an awesome choice of digs. Located at the foot of Mont Blanc in Chamonix, Europe’s most popular alpine area, this wood-clad cabin is anything but humble. Amenities include ten bedrooms, a hot tub, a central fireplace – perfect for kicking back in the evenings with some beers – and a chef’s kitchen. This is a great spot for fishing and golf too, if you get tired of the 40″ TV that is.

The Palms Place

Because lets face it, who doesn’t fantasise about recreating The Hangover? Though this place doesn’t come with a tiger you will find everything else you and your boys could possibly want…and some. The suite is on the 29th floor so the views of the mountains and the Vegas strip are breathtaking. Once inside, check out the whirlpool bathtub, indoor pool and spacious hot tub, There’s even a workout facility and office for the ballers in your group.

Stein Eriksen Lodge

This luxe suite is a skier’s paradise. Located in a five star hotel and spa nestled in the picturesque Utah mountains, the Stein Eriksen Lodge is designed as the ultimate snowy haven. Within the suite you’ll find stone fireplaces, a hot tub and a grand living room, which you probably won’t stray far from in the evenings. If you do however, you’ll find a secluded outdoor pool and smattering of world-class restaurants nearby.

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Japanese Train Suite Shiki-Shima is So Luxe it Requires an Application to Ride
japanese-train-3, Shiki-Shima

Recently, the East Japan Railway Co. introduced the Train Suite Shiki-Shima, a new 10-car train offering passengers an unrivaled, two to four-day cruise-like experience through Japan’s scenic eastern countryside. How luxurious is this 34-person train, you ask? Tickets, which require an application process, are only available via lottery and start at $3,000 dollars per person — and run as high as $10,000.

The train features 17 suites spread out across six cars, each with lofts and wooden baths. The lounge car is home to a lively piano bar, but perhaps the train’s greatest highlight (besides, of course, its own theme song by noted composer Naoki Sato), is the dining car and overall culinary experience. As the train moves across eastern Japan, the menu shifts to reflect the culinary traditions and ingredients of whatever region the train is passing through. This is accomplished by working closely with chefs along the route, serving passengers either on the train or at points of disembarkation.

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3 Best Hotels for a Unique Getaway to Zihuatanejo, Mexico
best hotels zihuatanejo mexico amuleto  a boutique hotel

Cancun, Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas — Mexico’s best-known tourist destinations start to feel interchangeable. Ixtapa is no different. As a government-planned resort town, its towering resorts and chain restaurants popped up almost overnight. Over the decades, some  — but not too much — of that hustle and tourist traffic spilled over into the neighboring fishing village of Zihuatanejo, Mexico, just four miles away. But, Zihua — as it’s affectionately known to locals — never lost its authentic Mexican appeal.

Zihua technically ranks as a “resort town,” don’t let that moniker dissuade you. There’s a reason Andy Dufresne was hip to its allure even back in 1994. Zihua offers some of the country’s most laid-back hotels and sleepy, small town vibes that deftly balance the needs of tourists with the feel of old-world Mexico. There’s no shortage of unique hotels in the area — here are our top three picks.
Viceroy Zihuatanejo
Image Courtesy of Viceroy Hotels and Resorts

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The 3 Best Boutique Hotels in Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis may not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of great boutique hotels and arts & culture. But, there are plenty of reasons why it should. Travelers seeking relaxed, one-of-a-kind boutique lodging in Indiana’s capital city needn’t look further than these three options.
Nestle Inn (Massachusetts Avenue Cultural District)

Aside from the “cutesy” name, the Nestle Inn is the perfect antidote to the stodgy, traditional, and cringe-worthy bed and breakfasts of decades ago. The inn’s website is quick to point out that this is “not your grandma’s B&B!” Indeed, they eschew the Victorian-era seating, the army of doilies on every bit of furniture, and the typical busy-body innkeepers who never seem to leave you alone. Although it’s located in a converted 1896 guesthouse, this is a thoroughly modern experience designed for today’s traveler. The Wi-Fi is fast and free, breakfast is on your own schedule, and they even offer gourmet cooking classes (with chefs from the city’s Ivy Tech Culinary Program) that cover everything from French pastry to a Mac-n-Cheese Boot Camp. The owners have their own private quarters, so guests needn’t try to relax in someone else’s living room. Discreet, 24-hour self-check-in is also available for guests to arrive whenever they like.
Alexander Hotel (Downtown Indianapolis)

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