Sanctifly App: Get Members-Only Access to Airport Hotel Facilities Around the World

We’ve previously shared our favorite do-anywhere bodyweight exercises and other ways to stay fit while traveling. But, let’s be honest, it can be damn hard to stick to your workout regimen while on the road. Lousy hotel gyms, a less-than-predictable daily schedule, and too many nights with one too many Manhattans can all negatively impact your workout streak. The Sanctifly mobile app aims to remedy that by ensuring you have all the exercise tools you need at your disposal no matter where in the world you happen to be.

Sanctify app hotel facilities

At its core, Sanctifly is simple. For a flat monthly fee (starting at USD $25), members are granted access to modern leisure facilities at dozens of major airport hotels. Hotels range from midrange to upscale with brands like Hilton, Marriott, Radisson, and Crowne Plaza already available. Access to leisure facilities includes any health-centric common amenity — spas, fitness centers, and pools — that’s available to overnight guests. Specialist gym networks like Boston Sports Club and Brooklyn Sports Club with 24-hour access and free classes are also included with every membership. The facilities are all carefully vetted by Sanctifly’s team for quality assurance.

Sanctify app

The concept is a new and rather clever one designed to appeal to health-conscious travelers. Hotel facilities are typically only available to paying overnight guests. For long-haul travelers who may be forced to layover in an airport for several hours, the app offers a better, healthier solution than slamming down $15 glasses of Cabernet at the airport bar to pass the time.

As of summer 2017, membership includes access to 50 locations throughout the United States and Europe. Every location is guaranteed to be connected directly to the airport by shuttle, footbridge, or a brief cab ride. The partner list includes the largest airports in the U.S.: Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, Dallas Fort Worth, and New York La Guardia. At its current rate, the company is adding two new airports every month and expects to be in 100 airports in less than a year. The brand will also expand into Asia in the Fall of 2017.

Download the free Sanctifly app now for either iOS or Android.

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