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G-RO: The Carry-On Bag of the Future

Travel-Lite’s G-RO is a carry-on that’s being referred to as a “companion bag.” Why? Because instead of begrudgingly lugging it along, you’ll be happily holding its game-changing hands.

Mainly, they’ve reinvented the roller wheel. By making the two axel-less wheels thinner and larger, it creates a higher center of gravity, reducing the bag’s perceived weight. They also make the bag handle better on uneven territory like cobblestones or dirt paths. Anyone who regularly rolls a fancy four wheeler over such terrain should already be applauding.

Then, they’ve gone and made the aircraft-grade aluminum handle about 6 inches longer than any other roller on the market, making this an ideal choice for tall guys.

It’s built to withstand a lot of stuff like floods (the bottom portion is waterproof), obstacles (the bottom is also curved so that you can roll over any weird topographic irregularities) and, er, gunfights (it’s made from firearm-grade polymers and ballistic nylon).

Can’t find an outlet to charge your electronics while waiting at the terminal? No sweat. The G-RO will come with two built-in USB outlets and a tablet stand (you’ve got to supply the portable battery, or pay for the optional Travel-Lite charger which also comes with a GPS tracker).

Add a fair number of easy access compartments, the most spacious interior allowed by carry-on standards, and its slick good looks, and we’re thinking that soon this will be the bag that all others will emulate.

It’s in Kickstarter phase now, so go check out all the details. Pledge $199 and get on the early bird list. Add another $99 to get the charger. They’re estimating it’s retail to be at just under $500.

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