FARM + LAND Promises Legit Off-Grid Outdoor Retreats for Adventure-Seeking Urbanites

The average man in today’s society has gotten a bit soft. The consistent stream of creature comforts in our daily lives has made many reliant on technology to an almost crippling degree. But, one company is targeting urbanites — and creative types in particular — to help them get (back) in touch with the outdoors and the skills necessary for self-sufficiency.


FARM + LAND has a simple goal: to make the outdoors your classroom. FARM + LAND is looking at urban creatives who have an interest in connecting with nature and living off the land. The company’s debut retreat will launch in rural New York on September 8, 2017, with a host of fun, educational, and (for some) first-ever experiences in the outdoors. Hands-on skill-building tracks — including farm animal basics, wilderness survival, foraging hikes, and tiny house building — will provide essential experience for living off the land. Other courses like slacklining, outdoor yoga and meditation, and Foxfire philosophy will offer personal development and growth opportunities through introspection and experience. Most nights will end with a free-form “Unplugged” session with drinks, s’mores, and live music around a communal campfire.


One of the central takeaways from each FARM + LAND retreat will be on understanding, appreciating, growing, and, of course, eating 100% sustainable food. Every meal provides the opportunity to sample and cook with locally grown, entirely organic products. Guests will have the chance to cook rustic brick oven pizza, grill a farm-to-barn dinner, and enjoy breakfast with eggs picked fresh the same morning.

Guests bunk in handmade canvas tent cabins. An intentional lack of electricity is designed to help attendees get further acquainted with nature. After dark, all are equipped with lanterns, candles, and a wood stove for heat. Cold water sinks and toilets are provided, however, hot water is only available via wood power. If you want hot coffee in the morning, you’re going to have work a little harder for it.


FARM + LAND already has additional retreats near Los Angeles and San Francisco scheduled for Fall 2017 and early 2018, respectively. The program is currently invitation only. Prices start at $450 USD per person (for shared bunk accommodations) with all meals, events, classes, and workshops included. Roundtrip New York City transportation and upgraded accommodations, including private cabin options, are also available for a fee.


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