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You Can Get the Latest Amazon Kindle e-Reader for Less Than $100

Amazon single-handedly popularized the e-reader and has dominated the market in the decade since its release. The Kindle is still the best portable electronic reader. For travelers looking to shorten their packing list or go carry-on only, the Kindle combines all your audiobooks, magazines, and books in a single lightweight device. For 2019, Amazon is making its next-gen, entry-level Kindle even better and, most importantly, cheaper.

amazon kindle 2019

Simply called Kindle (which is confusing, given the array of identically named predecessors in the Kindle family), the 10th-generation device is the first to boast both a front light and a sub-$100 price tag. The adjustable front light ensures this latest iteration is incredibly versatile. It works just as well in sharp daylight at the beach as it does in low-light situations like reading on a plane. The list of other features is similar to the pricier Kindle Paperwhite including an easy-to-read, six-inch, glare-free, e-ink display with touchscreen navigation. The battery fully charges in just four hours and lasts up to four weeks assuming about 30 minutes of daily reading. That’s enough for back-to-back, round-the-world flights on a single charge.

Beyond the new light, Amazon is also updating the Kindle OS to provide better filtering for your library and better cross-device syncing. For example, when you’ve finished a book, it will now automatically be marked as read on all your devices. The filters will also allow users to quickly sort between read and unread books (a feature that has been curiously lacking for years).

The new Kindle ships with 4GB of storage for storing thousands of book titles. As always, new titles can be downloaded straight to the device using built-in Wi-Fi with no computer required. Free samples are available for most titles so you can try before you buy. Amazon also includes a three-month trial to Kindle Unlimited giving users premium access to millions of books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Amazon’s newest Kindle is now available for pre-order and starts shipping on April 10, 2019. Current Kindle owners can also trade-in their device for an upgrade credit.

If you’re looking to go all-out on an e-reader, Amazon’s flagship Kindle Oasis boasts a 7-inch high-res display, 8GB of storage (32GB optional), built-in Wi-Fi and cell connectivity, and a waterproof design so you can take it almost literally anywhere.

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