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A New Way to Send Jet Lag Packing: Pure Flow Fitness

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Jet lag typically starts as soon as that cloying voice is piped through the airplane, kindly demanding that you return your seat to its upright position. Not even on the ground and already you’re forced to leave your comfort zone.

But even if reclining while landing didn’t lead to certain death (just a theory) you’d still be jet lagged. It’s just nature or really, a convergence of air pressure, tight quarters, salty food, time zone changes and lack of peaceful sleep. And all of it revels in making you feel like a crusted over circus clown for at least a few days after reaching your final destination.

Problem…Solution. At least if you’re arriving in New York City. It’s called the Pure Flow Fitness and they’ve re-appropriated technology originally designed to treat angina and cardiac patients into something that sends Jet Lag packing.

The machine, which looks like a cross between a tanning bed and something James Bond might have confused, sexual nightmares about, is a series of strategically placed straps that get wrapped around your legs and buttocks. A few heart monitors are placed on your chest and when the controls get switched to on, the straps inflate and deflate according to the beat of your heart. Pressure is adjusted to your comfort and then you sit there, quite literally getting pumped, for 45 minutes. You can doze off or watch some stuff on your pad or phone, just don’t plan on getting heavy emailing done. You’ll be able to do that afterwards when your head’s all cleared and you feel as if you’ve been given a new lease on life.

All of that inflating around your muscles has been working wonders on your circulatory system by oxygenating your tissues in a kind of cardiovascular work out that does not require you to actually, well, work out. Mental clarity and increased energy levels will be the first things you notice. But also, you’ll see that your skin looks less fatigued and you’ll fall asleep easier when the day is through. It’s a sustained feeling throughout the day, not dissimilar to the alertness you feel after a good workout in the gym.

A few other benefits of the pure flow pulsation machine? It cleanses the lymphatic system, which is doctor speak for where your body sends all the toxins it can’t deal with. It also helps boost the results in the gym and mitigates insomnia. Long term, it can act as an anti-ager for your skin and it can be used to help treat any performance-related issues with your most masculine of features. Increased circulation guys!

Pure Flow Fitness also offers pure oxygen boosts inside of a hyperbaric chamber, high frequency vibration technology for low-impact muscle stimulation and LED light technology to stimulate the metabolization of fat.

The company has been using the machine since the summer of 2012 and is run by a team of three partners. Cardiologist Dr. Samir Shah, rehabilitation expert and co-founder of Station Fitness, Andrew Luke Barile and celebrity photographer Roger Moenks.

In order for the pulsation treatment to alleviate jet lag, it is recommended to have one treatment for every four time zones traveled. Jet lag packages start at $255 and include three treatments, done once a day following your flight.