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Sufferfest Beer Company is Brewing Up a Better-for-You Kind of Superfood Beer

It was created by the fit-minded Sufferfest as a response to low-cal summer beers that are nutrient duds.

This Luxurious Dubai Hotel Suite is Worth its $21,000 Nightly Price Tag

Checking into the Royal Suite at the lavish Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai will run you more than $21,000 a night but it includes an on-site butler, vibrant cheetah-print furnishings, and access to a private beach.
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Bacardí Rum Releases New Lime Flavor Just in Time for Summer

Bacardí has also shared a few cocktail recipes to get you in the spirit.
Food & Drink

In 2020, You’ll Be Knock, Knock, Knockin’ at Heaven’s Door Distillery

The renovated church is saddled with a live music venue and arts center.

Your Complete Camping Gear List for Under $200

What you won't find on this list is apparel, hygiene products, or items that need to be resupplied before each excursion. What you will find is everything you need for a weekend campout or an overnight trek.

Spend a Night Alone at the Louvre Museum with the Mona Lisa

Just answer one question: why would you be the Mona Lisa’s perfect guest?

This Minimalist Cable Machine Will Elevate Your Home Gym Design

If you find yourself anticipating your workout but dreading the gym, it’s probably time to invest in a home fitness setup. For our money, there’s no better option than the NOHrD SlimBeam.
Fashion & Style

Expose those Toes with the Best Sandals for Men (Flip-Flops Included)

A stylish pair of sandals or flip-flops can work wonders for a laidback look when the weather is warmer.

The Hottest New Airbnb Rental is The Box Hop, a Cabin Made From Shipping Containers

The Box Hop is fully booked until fall but that doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about a stay there.

Why You Should Visit Yukon, Canada (Even in the Winter)

Visiting northwest Canada is a year-round possibility as the region is open for business even in the depths of winter.
Fashion & Style

Fire or Ice? MeUndies Releases Game of Thrones-Inspired Dragon Print Underwear

You'll want to be prepared when winter finally reaches Westeros. The line features dragon-printed boxers, briefs, lounge pants, and socks so you can showcase your true loyalty.
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10 Best Cast Iron Skillets for Any Cooking Situation

These skillets are perfect for your kitchen, camping, and everything in between.

Driving the 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Will Make You Feel Like a Celebrity

It’s all too easy to acquire an ego at the helm of the new G-Class.

Absurd Flat Earth Cruise Offers a Visit to the Planet’s Giant Ice Wall

Be among the first to visit the Game of Thrones-style ice wall that protects our planet from spilling into space.
Fashion & Style

You Will Hate Two of this Company’s T-Shirts, but You Will Love One

3 Fit Theory was founded a single-minded goal of getting guys a T-shirt that truly fit them well. How? By accepting that the traditional approach to sizing was fundamentally flawed.
Food & Drink

What to Drink When You’re Watching the Final Season of Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Here is the ultimate drinking guide to get you through every last minute.
Food & Drink

8 Tonic Waters Guaranteed to Make a Splash in Your Next Mixed Drink

These supermarket staples and craft tonic waters will elevate your G&Ts and much more.

This $450,000 Las Vegas Travel Package Includes Gold-Dusted Chicken and Waffles

For the gentleman who likes their desserts and morning breakfast adorned with the finest diamond jewelry.