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7 Stunning American Winery Estates You Need to Visit

Where you drink your wine is sometimes as important as what wine you drink.
Food & Drink

A Brief History of the Mint Julep (with Recipe)

We break down the history of the classic Kentucky Derby drink, the mint julep.

No Shower Necessary with the Best Dry Shampoos for Men

Should we put it in terms an outdoorsman would understand? It’s the freeze-dried lasagna of grooming materials.
Food & Drink

Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale for Trails Aims to Clean Up America’s Trail Systems

Getting outside is good for you, so you may as well help the planet while you're out there.

12 Books We Give You Permission Not to Read

There are nearly 130 million books in existence. You can avoid these 12. Some are classics, others are fantasy staples or have celebrity authors.
Food & Drink

4 Boozy Popsicles to Get You in the Mood for Summer

We all scream for the best alcoholic push-pops and popsicles. In the competitive world of the freezer aisle, these four brands supply buzzy brain freezes.
Fashion & Style

Men’s Kentucky Derby Style: What to Wear for the Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports

“The Kentucky Derby provides a great excuse for guys to step outside their [style] comfort zone."

Airplanes Could Soon Offer a Standing-Room-Only Cabin

This bizarre seat design would redefine "cattle class" for economy air travelers.

Outdoor Adventure and an Aerial Park Are Just 2 of the Reasons the New Salishan Resort is Our Favorite PNW Lodge

With the Oregon Coast, golf, beer tours, a bayside spa, and an aerial park, the newly renovated Salishan resort offers picturesque views and classic Pacific Northwest adventure.

Murray Carter Tells Us What It Takes to be a Master Bladesmith in the Modern Era

On this episode of The Manual podcast, we engage in some razor-sharp conversation with a modern bladesmith and the history of forging knives.

Casper Mattresses Get Price Cuts During Birthday Sale

Better sleep doesn't need to cost thousands of dollars. You just need to take advantage of mattress sales like this.
Fashion & Style

The Marine Layer Re-Spun Collection is Made from Your Recycled Tees

By the end of 2019, Marine Layer is aiming to craft 75 percent of its fabrics from sustainable sources.
Food & Drink

Athletic Brewing Scores Big with Non-Alcoholic Beers that Actually Taste Good

It's 2019, so why wouldn't there be flavorful and exciting non-alcoholic beer options available?

The Best Solid Toiletries to Replace the Liquids in Your Carry-On

Breeze through airport security by replacing all the liquid toiletries in your carry-on travel luggage with these solid alternatives.

The Trek Aerospace FK2 Is the Flying Go-Kart You Didn’t Know You Wanted

With the ability to take off vertically from a dead stop, it's like an ejector seat for daily life.

Zitsticka Will Zap Your Zits Away with Self-Dissolving Micro Needles

Though the technology sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, it’s actually pretty tame once you take a closer look.

Why You Should Expect to Pay a Lot More for Air Travel this Summer

Domestic and international airfare is about to get expensive, possibly very expensive. Here’s why.
Fashion & Style

Stitched Offers the Best Bespoke Suiting Experience of Your Life

If you win big at baccarat in Vegas, this is the place to appropriately spend your windfall.