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Brooklinen and Layla Mother’s Day Sales Drop Prices on Bedding and Mattresses

Need a gift for mom? These sales can help you save.
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Whether It’s Here to Stay or Not, Brut IPA is Shaping the Future of Craft Beer

Beer styles come and go in the modern world of beer, but the Brut IPA came with a bang and helped brewers see a new way to use an old ingredient.

Indica vs Sativa: An Introduction to the Major Cannabis Types

Consider this article your cheat sheet to the different types of cannabis on the market today.

12 Short Stories that Will Stay With You for a Long Time

Some are timeless pieces assigned in college lit classes, others are contemporary sci-fi endeared by famous writers, but each piece is marked with oddity and revelation.

Western Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper is Planned for … a Tiny Town in Denmark?

Quaint little Brande is about to get a serious upgrade in the tallest towers department.

Why You Should Be Hiking this Spring and What to Bring

The same issues that keep many people off the trails in spring are precisely what we love about outdoor adventures.

Attention Future Fathers: Dadi Makes Personal Sperm Banking Easy and Affordable

Yes, you can freeze your sperm now for a healthier baby later. And it's easy enough to do at home.
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7 Mexican Craft Breweries You Need to Know

Instead of grabbing an American-made Mexican-style lager, be on the lookout for one of these Mexican craft brews.
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May These Star Wars Cocktails Be With You on May the Fourth

You should recognize the classic inspiration for most of these drinks, but we've added a Star Wars Joke (or seven) in the recipes.
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13 Cinco de Mayo Drinks You Need in Your Life Right Now

These aren’t your momma’s margaritas. Celebrate Cinco de May in style.
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How to Make Authentic Tacos in 2 Delicious Recipes

Blackened shrimp and carne asada? Taco 'bout a delicious meal.
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This is the Best Guacamole Recipe Ever (Because it Has Tequila)

Why is this the best guacamole recipe ever? One word: tequila.

Chef Justin Cucci on Why We Should Be Eating More Bugs

Ever thought about the alternative proteins we know better as bugs? The Manual podcast gang sits down with Cucci to get the 4-1-1 on eating some 4(+)-legged friends.

7 Best Portable Air Conditioners to Keep You Cool this Summer

Keeping your cool in sweltering weather is easier said than done. The best portable air conditioners will help.

How to Find the Right New or Vintage Record Player for You

If you’ve developed a newfound appreciation for vinyl, you’re no doubt in the market for a record player. The problem is: Where do you start? Let’s break it down.
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From Docs to Dramas, These Are the Best Wine Movies to Watch

Love what's in your glass and want to see it on the screen? Watch these when you can't be in the vineyard yourself.

Welcome to the Pony Palace: The Grandeur of the Kentucky Derby Starts with Churchill Downs

Before you mix up those mint juleps, take a look at the place where it all happens.
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Sail On, Sailor: 9 Best Boat Shoes for Men

Racing catamarans, laid-back yachting, or land-lubbing? Pick the right boat shoe for you.