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Is TruckHouse BCT the World’s Most Advanced Overlanding Vehicle?

TruckHouse BCT Overlanding Pickup Truck
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Between the pandemic and quarantine and bar closings and working from home with endless Zoom calls, 2020 felt very claustrophobic. It’s no wonder so many of us spent the last 12 months seeking any means of escape. If you’re looking to truly get away — far, far away from it all — one Nevada truck builder has the antidote. But, you might need to sell your house first to acquire it.

Newcomer TruckHouse recently announced the debut of its first-ever production overlander, and it’s a stunner. The simply named BCT is billed as “the world’s most advanced overlanding vehicle.” It’s an aggressive build with spiritual and engineering roots in the compact overcab truck campers of the 1980s — a 1987 4×4 SunRader specifically. But that’s where the similarities end because the BCT is something else entirely.

1987 4x4 Sunrader Overcab Truck Camper

TruckHouse starts with a fresh Toyota Tacoma, already a capable 4×4 steed beloved by hardcore overlanders around the world. It then pours more than 2,000 man-hours into turning the pickup into a legit go-anywhere beast. The BCT is outfitted with a fully fabricated rear axle, custom-tuned shocks, and a more aggressive suspension with twelve inches of travel. Every critical structural component is reinforced for increased strength and rigidity. It all rides on massive all-terrain tires and rotary-forged wheels with 13-inch four-piston drilled and slotted rear disc brakes. Every BCT can be further tricked-out with hardcore performance and off-road upgrades like 35-inch tires, a snorkel, and a 370-horsepower, 330-ft-lb supercharger.

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The camper shell is carbon-fiber-reinforced to be lighter, more durable, and provide legit four-season living quarters. Like the truck campers of yesterday, the BCT is designed to be a compact home-on-wheels with everything owners need to sleep, eat, bathe, and relax in the backcountry. Inside, it’s outfitted with a convertible dinette, plus an overcab queen bed. Together, it’s enough room to sleep four adults. TruckHouse manages to fit a complete galley inside as well, complete with a two-burner induction cooktop, a convection oven/microwave, a marine-grade fridge, and a sink.

TruckHouse BCT Overlanding Pickup Truck
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s even a wet bath with a cassette toilet. Standard off-grid essentials — a lithium battery bank, solar panels, and LED lighting — allow you to go and stay far off the beaten path almost indefinitely. If you like your camping with even more creature comforts, heated flooring, air conditioning, and a 32-inch LED TV are all available options.

Base pricing starts around $285,000 for a well-outfitted BCT, but the bottom line is sure to balloon quickly with further performance and off-road upgrades. While that’s likely to induce sticker shock in most of us, consider that every BCT truck is built-to-order from the ground up. So, owners are guaranteed a custom, go-anywhere rig that’s handbuilt and one-of-a-kind.

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