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REI Anniversary Sale 2021: The Best Deals You Can Shop Today

The REI Anniversary Sale has begun and it’s a fantastic time to grab some outdoor related bargains. You’re guaranteed to save a ton of cash with REI treating this sale like its very own personal Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for a new tent, hammock, camping chair, or simply some smaller items like water bottles or foam rollers, there’s something here for you. It’s the perfect sale for the keen outdoors person with some massive bargains across the board. We’re on hand to help you out with finding the best offers for you.

Shop the Sale

Best Deals in the REI Anniversary Sale

Why You Should Shop the REI Anniversary Sale

If you’re already a keen visitor to our outdoors section, you probably already know why REI is such a great outlet to head over to. It truly has everything you could possibly need for the outdoors. That goes for whether you’re heading out for a long run, a leisurely hike with loved ones, or even if you’re planning on going on an extended trip, camping your way around various locations.

REI is a good outlet to use at any time but it’s even better during the REI Anniversary Sale. That’s because it’s the site’s equivalent to Black Friday meaning you’re going to get the absolute cheapest prices possible this year from the company. That makes now the perfect time to stock up on outdoor equipment ready for the summer. After all, when else are you going to be most excited about heading outdoors for a long camping trip or to follow that hiking trail you’ve always longed to check out?

Discover REI Anniversary Sale

Of course, you’re going to need to know what you’re looking for with a ton of different options out there. We’d suggest checking out the likes of our best camping flasks, best outdoor clothing brands, best camping tents, and best camping chairs to get you started. Ultimately though, REI tends to stock consistently great quality items which is another reason why you should be shopping the REI Anniversary Sale as much as possible.

Unlike other retailer sales such as Amazon’s Prime Day, REI knows its audience has some specific goals and it’s reflected in the items it stocks and discounts. You can be rest assured that whatever you buy here will actually be of use to you when you’re heading out on the trail.

As always, plan out a budget for yourself so you don’t overspend. However, bear in mind that this is going to be the best time of year to buy all this outdoor equipment so if you can stretch a little further, it might be a good plan to do so here. You can’t go wrong with kitting yourself out with gear from the REI Anniversary Sale.

When Does the REI Anniversary Sale End?

Wondering how long you’ve got to snap up the REI bargains going on right now? You’ve got until May 31 so the sale runs a reasonable length of time for you to check out exactly what you need most as well as do some research into what’s right for you. If you need some more time to stretch your budget, it could help out here too. Just bear in mind that stock may be limited on the best deals so you might want to snap them up quickly.

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