Update Your Workspace With These Sleek Office Decor Ideas

New year, new you doesn’t just apply to your diet or clothes. Giving your workspace an overhaul can lead to better productivity and excitement about working at your desk each day. Start the new year off right with these cool office decor ideas.

Get Organized

JR William Acrylic Collection Mail Organizer Black

The key to a successful workspace is organization, but who really wants to take the time for that? Getting organized is tedious and boring. Well, it doesn’t have to be when you have sleek organizers like the JR William Acrylic Collection. Their handmade File Organizer and Mail Organizer let you easily sort away important papers and prevent the clutter from gathering in piles around your desk. A clutter-free work area lessens stress. Who knows — you may even be excited to sit down to your desk each morning.


Splurge on a Stylish Stapler (and Other Basics)

Poppin Dream Desk Set Gray

Poppin lets you shop for desk necessities by color, allowing you to match your stapler to your style. Their Dream Desk Set includes all of the basics: tape dispenser, letter tray, pen cup, pens, notebook, and, of course, your very own stapler. The dark gray color coordinates nicely with the black base of the acrylic file and mail organizers from JR William, creating an overall polished look for your space.


Write Like a Boss

Tactile Turn Slider Pen

You may not be the boss at your business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t write like you are. The Tactile Turn Exclusive Slider Pen from Bespoke Post is the last one you’ll ever buy and you’ll feel damn cool using it. After all, how can you make 2018 your “Best Life” year if you aren’t using top-of-the-line writing implements? At $79, this isn’t the pen you need, it’s the pen you deserve.


Mark the Days

Who knew a calendar could be so stylish? The 2018 Modern Desk Calendar from Etsy shop The Creative Spark Shop isn’t just a way to track the days of the week, it’s a work of art. The ultra modern, minimalist design features a handcrafted wooden stand allowing you to easily display it on your desktop. The graphic black and white layout changes each month, keeping this calendar feeling fresh all year long.


Have Some Fun

All work and no play makes for a long and boring day at the office. Take a break, kick back, and have some fun with the Cosmos Rocket Kinetic Desk Toy from Huzi Design. The seven blocks are interchangeable, letting you create the rocket of your dreams or come up with a new design every day. Not just fun, it’s also a great decorative piece for your desk.


Light Up Your Space

Laito Wood Table Lamp

You can’t have a bright, inviting workspace without proper lighting. And there’s no reason that lighting has to be boring. The Laito Wood Table Lamp by Seed Design is a wonderful combination of a warm wood arc arm and trendy matte black metal shade and base. The orange cord adds a bit of color, which is a nice touch among all of these monochromatic office supplies. Worth the purchase, especially if you’re working at a home office.


Plant Life

marimo moss ball terrarium

Plants are a vital part of livening up your office space. They add a pop of color and life (literally) to an otherwise boring workspace. Marimo terrariums are the hot new desktop plant. These playful algae balls happily float around in their underwater homes, requiring almost no upkeep and thriving on artificial light — making them the perfect plant for your windowless cubicle. Highly prized in Japan and Iceland, Marimo balls are thought to bring good luck, joy, and (if you treat them well) even grant wishes. How’s that for starting 2018 out right?


You might want to look into getting a new office chair (we’ve got you covered with a guide right here). Once you’re done giving your office an update, consider these decor ideas for your home.

Feature image courtesy of Poppin/Facebook.