Got Money to Burn Before the Apocalypse? Get a Luxury Doomsday Bunker

Luxury doomsday bunkers are a booming business. With all of the world’s uncertainties today, wealthy individuals, families, and companies are investing in shelters to protect themselves in the event of fallout or civil unrest. We’ve rounded up three of the most popular builders right now plus a few ideas for gear should you want to pursue your own shelter.


Vivos offers Quantum, a customizable system of bunkers that come fully furnished — “just add food, fuel, water and your loved ones!” If living solo with the family doesn’t sound appealing, you can buy a private bunker inside one of Vivos’ three off-grid, apocalypse-ready shelters in Indiana, South Dakota, and Europe. Each space comes fully-stocked with a variety of amenities, including curved LED screens to mimic outdoor windows. The company promises to protect you from “nuclear blast, a direct airliner crash, biological and chemical agents, massive shock waves, earthquakes, electro-magnetic pulses, flooding, and virtually any armed attack.” Prices start at $7,500 for an individual in South Dakota and increase drastically from there.

Survival Condo


Call it novel ingenuity or sheer craziness, this bunker builder takes former defense sites and turns them into full condominium complexes that interested parties can buy into. Survival Condo currently has two silos, both based in Kansas (buyers must prepare contingency plans to get to Kansas in the event of an emergency). Half-floor units start at $1.5 million and pretty much mimic everything in standard urban living. Penthouses boast  $4.5 million worth of luxury spread over two levels, 3,600 square feet of which can be completely customized. The complexes come with access to a pool, exercise facility, dog park, movie theater, and arcade.

Ultimate Bunker

If you must have options when building your bunker, why not go to a manufacturer with 12 different floor plans? This Utah company has 10-foot by 20-foot spaces that start at $60,000 and go up to a 40-foot by 50-foot setup at $620,000. Each shelter comes with a high-level air filtration system and a variety of essentials for sanitation and showering. The entire enclave is wrapped in quarter-inch-thick steel and a 100-year epoxy tar coating for superior protection from just about anything.

Trident Lakes

trident lakes map

Trident Lakes is like the ultimate gated community, if your gated community could withstand an armed invasion. This 670-acre, resort-style compound in Ector, Texas, features all of the activities that you would want to enjoy during the apocalypse, such as shooting at a gun range, lounging at a pool, and playing tennis. Your living space is underground, but you have your own private, above-ground terrace In the case of an emergency — physical or chemical — your interior space is sealed off from the threat. There’s room for 3,000 people in Trident Lakes, which is about 2,300 more people than live in Ector city limits. Be prepared to dish out anything between $449,000 and $1,949,000.

If you’d like to go off-grid and stay mobile, we’ve got two options for you: the Rezvani Tank and the sCarabene camper, depending on your tastes.

Article originally published by Geoff Nudelman on March 9, 2017. Last updated by Nicole Raney on March 20, 2018.