10 Great Housewarming Gifts for the Man of the House

Now that we’re all (sort of) adults, it’s time to start (sort of) acting like it. Back in the day, when your buddy moved into a new apartment, a 24-pack of MGD was a perfectly acceptable housewarming gift. Today, when your friends settle into a new home, it’s time to step things up a notch and give the best housewarming gift that a guy will actually appreciate. For too long, candles and flower arrangements have been go-to gifts in the housewarming sector, and at the risk of sounding biased, most guys would prefer the case of Miller.

But don’t worry, we can do even better than that. Starting with …

36-Pack of Miller Genuine Draft
best housewarming gifts for men 26 pack mgd gift

Ah, the good old 36-pack! That’s 432 ounces of delicious, cold-filtered, draft-style American lager with a sessionable 4.6 percent ABV and a light, refreshing taste a gentleman will just love. Should you show up to the new home of a friend toting a 36-pack of Miller Genuine Draft, one piece of advice is to do it when his wife is not home. Another suggestion is to also bring an actual adult gift.

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Coffee Table Book About Books
best housewarming gifts for men remarkable books book cover

The large and lovely tome, Remarkable Books: The World’s Most Beautiful and Historic Works, is itself a striking volume, packed with more than 250 lavishly illustrated pages and with a plethora of information about the books featured in the book. From works first published thousands of years ago to a few decidedly modern inclusions, Remarkable Books takes the reader to many high points of the printed word, and it belongs on the coffee table of any book lover.

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Omaha Steaks
omaha steaks
Omaha Steaks/Facebook

Show me a man (who’s not a vegetarian) who doesn’t like a good steak and I’ll show you … um … my stamp collection. I’m not sure where I was going with that, but I am sure that it’s a winning move to give the gift of choice cuts of meat delivered frozen and ready for storage yet easily thawed and cooked whenever a gentleman fancies a feast. You can get great Omaha Steaks gift boxes for less than $50, or you can go all out and seriously warm that house for around $150 with the “A Feast to Remember” box.

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Graf Lantz Wine Tote
graf lantz gray granite felt duo wine carrier

Showing up with a bottle of booze is good. Showing up with two bottles of booze tucked into a Graf Lantz Cozy Carrier Duo is much better. This elegantly simple tote is made of Merino wool felt and tanned leather and, if treated well, will probably last forever. Which is more than can be said for the booze. We recommend a bottle of Sipsmith London Dry Gin and a Clois du Bois Lightly Bubbled Rosé, which would take this gift all the way up to 11.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker
best housewarming gifts for men bluetooth speaker gift

I got a BenQ treVolo S speaker as a gift last year, and I have to say it was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten in a long time. With this compact Bluetooth speaker, you give your buddy the gift of music (or podcasts) in any room in the house, or even on the road. It’s small enough to tuck away on the shelf of a smaller apartment, yet it can fill even large rooms with sound. Also, you can use the auxiliary port to connect the thing to a TV or any other device, no fancy near field Bluetooth whatnot required.

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Liquor Decanter
best housewarming gifts for men crystal whsikey decanter

No man’s home should be without a fine decanter, especially not when you can get a decent option for less than $25. The James Scott Crystal Whiskey Decanter looks like it costs a lot more than that, so don’t worry about seeming cheap. Consider the true bro move of also showing up with a bottle of whiskey with which to fill the thing.

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Hearty House Plant
best housewarming gifts for men hearty house plant gift

Everyone likes plants, right? I recommend a fiddle leaf fig tree (aka ficus lyrata) because it grows fast with enough light, only requires occasional watering, and is relatively hard to kill once established. Also, you can order one from Amazon Prime, so there’s minimal effort on your part. Which, be honest, is important.

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Nifty Desk Lamp
best housewarming gifts for men aukey table lamp

The Aukey Table Lamp isn’t just one light — it’s nine! Whaaaaaaa? It’s true. The lamp can be illuminated to three different brightness settings of full-spectrum white light or it can be set to glow red, orange, green, aqua, blue, and magenta. It’s a great lamp for adding illumination to a living room or den, makes a great desk light for the home office, or it can serve as a handy nightstand light as well. It’s operated by touch, with quick taps changing brightness and a short sustained touch changing the colors.

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Pair of Manly Slippers
best housewarming gifts for men wolverine lodge moccasin slippers

Who says a man’s feet don’t get cold? With a pair of Wolverine Lodge Moc Slippers, a gentleman can enjoy the amazing warmth and comfort of a shearling lining and cushioned insole while lounging in style thanks to the Horween Dearborn leather upper. These fine slippers are hand-crafted in Maine and, if indeed only worn inside as intended, they will last for years.

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best housewarming gifts for men husqvarna axe multip purpose gift

Just as with a decanter, no man should be without a fine axe. Unless perhaps he lives in the middle of a major metro area and does not have a fireplace. Actually, nuts to that — no man should be without a fine axe! The Husqvarna 26-inch Wooden Multi-Purpose Axe is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship that’s sturdy enough for felling and chopping yet compact enough to be tucked away in a large toolbox. Though, ideally, it will be displayed prominently on the wall.

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Now that you’re buddy is the proud owner of a house (and one of these awesome gifts above), send him this checklist and make sure he’s up to speed on all the seasonal home maintenance he’s going to have to start doing.

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