5 Great Gifts for that Manly Man You Call Dad


You spend all year taking dear ol’ dad for granted (which is absolutely shameful, you little pissant), so this June 21st, maybe you should take a moment and celebrate the man. Maybe you should even treat him to a gift; something thoughtful that will show him you really do care about and respect the guy.

What’s that you say? You can’t think of any thoughtful Father’s Day gifts? You can’t even think of one goddamn gift for the man who helped bring you the precious gift of life? Well don’t worry: at least you thought to stop by here and check out our list of great Father’s Day gift ideas! 2015 is the year your father finally gets a greatFather’s Day present, as long as you select said gift from The Manual’s list. (Genuinely thoughtful gifts are also acceptable, FYI.)

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Cigars – The Safe Route
A large cigar has long been a symbol of masculinity, and we’ll not bother delving into any underlying psychology that might help explain why. The point is, a man’s man loves a great stogie, and your dad is a man’s man, right? So for Father’s Day 2015, give the man the gift of some quality cigars, or better yet sign him up for a monthly shipment of Cohibas, Montecristos, and more! You can’t go wrong with the gift of cigars, unless your father doesn’t enjoy smoking cigars, in which case you can totally go wrong here.

Bison Bag – The Outdoorsman Dad
If your dad is an outdoorsy type, chances are by now his “kit” is complete. If he’s a fisherman, he’s likely acquired all the lures and lines he needs; if he’s a mountain climber, he sure has all necessary clamps and clasps. But no matter how avid a camper, hiker, or birdwatcher he is, he likely doesn’t have a Bison Bag! That’s because this unique sleeping bag/tent/hammock combination came out just last year. In one compact package, the Bison Bag provides warmth, shelter and privacy. And it provides a solution to the gift selection issue, too.

Leatherman – The Obvious Choice
A man knows how to get things done. From plunging the toilet to changing a tire to mowing the lawn to other wildly stereotypical examples, a man never finds problems; he only finds solutions. And the solution to every little problem along the way is that much easier when a man has a great multi tool on his belt. The Leatherman Rebar Multi Tool boasts more than a dozen different tools tucked into its rugged half-pound frame, so from stripping wire to screwing, um, screws, dad will do it all thanks to your gift.

Hemingway’s Stories – The Literary Man
If there is one human being about whose manliness debate is impossible, it is Ernest Hemingway. Say what you will about machine gunning sharks, big game hunting, war reporting, liquor drinking, and generally being an ornery sumbitch… the guy was manly. And he was also a great writer. So give your manly, literary father the gift of Hemingway’s prose in the form of “The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway.” Included are towering classics and obscure tales alike. In fact, all his short stories are included… didn’t you see the book’s title?

GoPro – The Splurge Gift
The GoPro HERO4 camera shoots crystal-clear HD video whether it’s careening down a mountain, 130 feet underwater, mounted on the dash of a speeding car, or just capturing a family BBQ. This little camera is both incredibly rugged but also remarkably simple to use, meaning it’s just right for most dads out there. (Rugged and simple: a fine approach to life, men.) Sure, this is a pricey gift, but it’s also a great gift whether your dad is an extreme sportsman or just a guy who wants to preserve some memories.