Shodai Offers Effective Grooming for Men with Faces

shodai men moisturizer and face wash

We still have some cold weather ahead of us, so don’t you dare forget about the dry skin and acne that comes along with the upcoming transition to spring.

Winning the battle against skin irritation and dryness is a constant endeavor, but it can be effectively championed by washing your face thoroughly and moisturizing frequently. The key is preparation and Shodai has got just what you need.

Shodai is a new men’s grooming brand out of Japan that features natural, locally-sourced ingredients that keep your skin fresh and healthy. Founder Justin Brown, along with a community of scientists and manufacturers, developed the face wash and moisturizer by combining century-old remedies with modern skincare technology.

“All four ingredients have been used historically in Japanese skin care,” Brown tells the Los Angeles Times. “But hiba oil and sake are expensive and a lot of manufacturers have moved away from them to find cheaper alternatives. They’re harder to find now–even in Japan–despite their effectiveness and how good they feel.”

Whether you’re searching for an all natural, simple cleanser, or a one-way ticket on the premium men’s grooming train, Shodai’s products are superb cleansers that enhance hydration and promote healthy skin for everyone clean shaven, stubbling it out, or going the beardlicious route. As an added kicker, you don’t have to pay a premium price for the high-quality:

Face Wash ($20)

men's japanese face wash

Shodai’s face wash does exactly what you wish for in a face wash: cleanly removes oil and dirt, but doesn’t over-exfoliate. The wash forms a cream-like base that gives off a (and please, joke at my fruitlessness) clean scent. It features Hiba (Japanese Cypress tree) oil, which is known for its calming, antimicrobial properties that aid in the prevention and medication of irritated skin, along with green tea, Onsen (a Japanese hot spring) water, and sake.

Face Moisturizer ($24)

men's Japanese moisturizer

This cream formula has one goal: rehydrate your skin. It too features the Hiba oil, and yes, the storied rice alcohol, sake. Sake actually boasts tremendous properties which reduce skin spots and helps reduce wrinkles. Green Tea acts as an antioxidant and anti-aging component, while onsen water takes care of the dry skin.

With the unique mix of Japanese ingredients, Shodai’s products are created in small batches–mostly due to the scarcity of the natural materials. Yet, they still manage to refuse the addition of artificial perfumes or scents, while also being Paraben-, cruelty-, and gluten-free.

Because of the rarity of the product (in part because of its small batch model), Shodai’s products are exclusive to their website.