You Can Look as Spritely as Ryan Seacrest with His Skincare Line, Polished

Have you ever turned to American Idol or Live with Kelly and Ryan wondering how in the world Ryan Seacrest looks the same as he did 20 years ago? I, the author, remember watching American Idol when it first debuted in 2002 and thinking Seacrest looked weirdly similar to my father. Now, 17 years later, my dad has begun to show the hard earned years under his belt while Ryan Seacrest has somehow secured his youth.

There are reasons behind this, though, and none of them have anything to do with my dad and everything to do with Seacrest’s secrets on grooming and skincare. First, of course, Ryan Seacrest has been in the celebrity spotlight long enough to know upkeep is almost as important as performance. But, his effective grooming regimen goes far beyond having the helping hand of Hollywood.

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Not only is Seacrest a proud owner and wearer of his Macy’s mensline, Distinction, he recently launched his very own skincare line, Polished, in tandem with the talents of celebrity dermatologist Dr. Lancer.

Polished is a high–quality, science-driven skincare line that was created to cater to the needs of men who want to put the work in and continue looking good even when the years pass. The line features effective and accessible products that focus on cleansing and nourishing the skin, from a daily micro-scrub and dual cleanse and shave cream to an oil-free moisturizer and an anti-aging serum.

Seacrest and Dr. Lancer have worked together for over a decade, and due to Seacrest’s anti-aging track record, the two decided it was time to share their skincare successes with people just like you.

The process is simple and is composed of the following easy to use products:

Polished Daily Micro-Scrub 
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The daily micro-scrub combines a trifecta of exfoliation to get rid dry surface cells. Ivory palm powder, papaya and pineapple enzymes dissolve dirt and grime. A blend of sodium hyaluronate and red seaweed also help to hydrate and promote younger-looking skin.

Polished Dual Cleanse and Shave Cream
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The preparation scrub is followed by a dual cleanse and shave cream that both removes any leftover dirt and oil and provides a moistening cushion in between your skin and your razor blade.

Polished Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 30
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Polished also features an ultralight oil-free moisturizer that boasts ginger extract to reduce oil production and minimize the appearance of pores throughout the day, summer-ready SPF 30 protection, and the same red seaweed-sodium hyaluronate cocktail to promote smoother-looking, healthy skin.

Polished Anti-Aging Serum
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While $55 is pricy, it pays to stay young. This serum also doubles as a post-shave balm to help soothe and hydrate your face after a close shave while helping to fight the signs of aging.

Now that you have Ryan Seacrest’s grooming secrets to looking young, here is to many more youthful years. If you’re looking for other youthful-aiding products, we’ve got collection of effective moisturizers with SPF to get you through the warm weather ahead.


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