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Achieve a Galactic Trim with Philips Norelco’s Star Wars Shavers

It’s safe to say excitement for the the December 15 release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been kicked into hyperspace. In celebration, Philips Norelco has introduced Star Wars-inspired shavers to help you prepare for the galactic war ahead.

Whether you’re a stouthearted fan or admittedly just want to up your grooming regimen, the Star Wars shavers are a perfect addition to any man’s arsenal of stubble-slashing lightsabers. These tools combine the premium, cutting-edge technology of Philips Norelco with brand-new features mirroring different film characters from both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

“Philips is excited to work with the iconic Star Wars brand to lend new design inspiration to our line of innovative shavers,” says Sasha Markovic, senior director of marketing for Philips Personal Care North America. “In developing this new line, we combined our advanced shaving technology, including V-Track Pro to trim even longer stubble with superior closeness and comfort, with the imagination of Star Wars. Now, you can unleash the force in shaving and be your best you.”

SW9700, $360

philips norelco star wars shaver dark side, star wars shavers

Many will be lured to the Dark Side with this premium series SW9700 because of it’s ability to slay long stubble in an instant, while also providing exceptional comfort and closeness through Philips V-Track Pro tech . With self-sharpening blades, this shaver features a dramatic red to black gradient with a hexagonal patterning and a First Order logo power button for all of you looking to take over the world, one smooth shave at a time.

SW6700, $130

philips norelco star wars shaver poe dameron

Utilizing Philips’ Reflex Action system, the glossy series SW6700 is inspired by the complexities of Poe Dameron’s X-wing fighter. Detailed with a scratched metal finishing, red stripes, and an X-wing Starfighter symbol, this device guarantees a quick, hassle-free shave with auto-calibration for hard-to-reach neck areas and self-sharpening blades for low maintenance.

SW3700, $50

philips norelco star wars shaver r2-d2

R2-D2 is the companion every man wishes he could have. Now you, too, can be the beneficiary R2’s protective nature with this self-sharpening shaver. The rounded, four-direction ComfortCut blade allows for a close dry-shave perfect for anyone in a hurry or who just needs a quick trim. As an added bonus, this shaver features a pop-up mustache trimmer.

SW170, $50

philips norelco star wars shaver storm trooper

If you’re looking for a shave that provides the ultimate utility — much like that of a Storm Trooper — then look no further. The SW170 is also built with self-sharpening ComfortCut blades on a wet and dry rounded flex-head. It also allows comes with a trimming attachment for those trying to keep their beard wookie-styled.

You can also fight the galactic war with other products. Onnit released a line of Star Wars workout equipment not long ago, and this Death Star grill will make your next cookout a force to be reckoned with.

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