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Hardworking Gentlemen Offers American-Made Grooming Goods for the Everyday Man

Cruising down Southern California’s Highway 101, you’ll certainly feel nostalgia for the simpler days or having a surfboard in tow. But by no means has the surf culture faded away. Encinitas, California, is harboring true craftsman with the intent of bettering the everyday with a brand dedicated to Hardworking Gentlemen.

Found in one of Encinitas’ oldest buildings (built in the 1920s), Hardworking Gentlemen prides itself on delivering grooming products made from natural ingredients for the everyday man. The shop and conveniently located headquarters are everything you want to be and in its truest form: SoCal, so chill. The shelves are littered with cultured clothing from local companies, which complement the California-crafted goods of Hardworking Gentlemen. The brand’s lineup is meant to be kept by the sink, in your dopp kit, and used every day. The focus is on simplicity and functionality to deliver sustainable and mindful products.

hardworking gentlemen
Hardworking Gentlemen

Hardworking Gentlemen spent years researching and testing ingredients. As co-founder Ryan Reid mentioned, “It felt like I was back in school … as a chemistry major trying to find the right formulas.” It certainly speaks volumes about a brand that is backed by the blood, sweat, and lab beakers of its founders. (Not to mention that the woodwork within the shop was all done by a Hardworking Gentlemen.)

But back to that chemistry project. Hardworking Gentlemen has crafted a variety of moisturizers, hair products, soaps, natural deodorants, and a sea salt spray that leaves your hair feeling and looking like you just got out of the surf. The products are proudly made in the United States, branded black and yellow, and are thoughtfully developed with the highest quality components. They’re designed to not only enhance a gentleman’s look but to also be functional with the power to moisturize and nourish hair, skin, and body.

Differing from most business headquarters, Hardworking Gentlemen in Encinitas is a community gathering, providing space for retail, lounge, office, and a two-chair barbershop. And with tw0 full-time barbers the shears are sharp, the conversation is on point (generally about the surf), and you better believe the brand’s products will be the icing on your fresh look.

Hardworking Gentlemen

Hardworking Gentlemen is a shop and company that cares about you, from head to toe —  before and after the surf. And based on the fact that it was derived from a need for products that enhance a hardworking gentleman’s everyday life, you know you’ll be filling your bathroom counters with the best the 101 has to offer. Here are some of our favorites:

Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Spray

hardworking gentlemen sea salt spray

The Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Spray is a natural volumizer that works hard by adding texture and body to your hair. With a simple spritz, you’ll have a perfectly natural look and be smelling pine fresh.

Hardworking Gentlemen Firm Hold Clay

hardworking gentlemen firm clay

The Hardworking Gentlemen Firm Hold Clay is a rugged and dapper natural hair product that offers the strength necessary for long-lasting performance. The Firm Clay has a matte finish, remains workable, and is lightly infused with the scent of fresh-cut cedar.

Hardworking Gentlemen Natural Forest Tonic Deodorant

hardworking gentlemen natural deodorant

An all-natural and powerful odor-fighting deodorant, the HWG Natural Forest Tonic Deodorant was developed to withstand the demands of Hardworking Gentlemen. The formula consists of Bentonite Clay to isolate odor, absorb sweat, and with Juniper Berries and hints of Pine you’ll be smelling fresh and from the forest.

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