Shower with Beer: Duke Cannon Beer Soap

duke cannon beer soap

There are few simple pleasures as wonderful as taking a hot shower with a cold beer.

Granted, that beer can get substantially watered down if you’re not careful, but it’s still beer in a shower. What if you could take this a step further and have beer soap? (Be prepared for us to use the word “soap” a lot in this article).

duke cannon big ass soap

Duke Cannon, a shop for men by men, take their cues on cleanliness from the Korean War. Their famous Brick of Soap is enormous, GI Joe green, and designed after the same soap used by GIs in the Korean War. In fact, Brick of Soap is still made in the US-based factory that made it then. It’s gigantic; three times the size of your average bar of soap, and it’s awesomely, and unsurprisingly, brick-like. They include steel-cut grains in it to help with grip and exfoliation of all your manly skin.

If you are looking for scents from your soap, Duke Cannon is pleased to offer you the smells of “Victory,” a sort of fresh-cut-grass smell; “Accomplishment,” bergamot and black pepper, and, of course, “Naval Supremacy,” which, while not guaranteeing you unchallenged dominion of the seas, it does have a refreshing ocean breeze scent that probably doesn’t hurt your chances either. Don’t want to smell like any adjectives? They have a bar specifically designed to eliminate all scents.

old Milwaukee beer soap

But, their Big Ass Beer Soap is where things get really interesting. Supposedly, there are some benefits from sudsing up with beer; even Jackie Kennedy rinsed her hair in beer. So, Duke Cannon paired up with Old Milwaukee to create beer soap, made with their lager. Don’t worry, you won’t smell like a drunk: instead it’s got a rich, sandalwood scent which, is probably how Indiana Jones smelled. It’s $9.50 for a bar (remember, it’s 3x bigger than standard bars) or you can sign up for a subscription for deliveries either monthly or quarterly and save 10 percent.

All Duke Cannon products are military tested. Instead of focus groups, Duke Cannon runs everything by Bravo Company 2-135 and if they like it, it hits the shelves. Not only that, but the company donates to a number of military causes, including Honor Flight Network, which helps veterans travel to memorials, K9s for Warriors, helping pair veterans with service dogs, and The Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team.

duke cannon hatchet

They also sell handmade hatchets. Because, if you’re going to use manly soaps, you need to work up a manly sweat.