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Top Five Gent’s Drinking Spots in London

The first ever gentleman’s clubs opened in London’s West End in the 18th century, to provide secret havens for gents about town to escape the world and get loose, in the classiest possible way. Today, the gentleman’s club tends to represent something a little seedier. Alas, the city where it all started has seen a string of recent openings that would quench one or two old school gent’s club cravings – think cigars, fine whiskey and seriously low lighting. Read on for our pick of the best (smoking jackets totally optional FYI)

Punch Room

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City slicker edge meets old world library opulence in this reservation only drinking den. Located within the swanky London Edition Hotel in the centre of town, the Punch Room is the ideal place to take an evening up a notch with the smooth jazz acoustics and innovative concoctions of really good punch – we couldn’t get enough of the oak moss and jasmine infused EDITION punch.

Discount Suit Company

We love that the roots of this ‘secret’ cocktail bar are embedded in fine tailoring. Situated in a former tailors, the Discount Suit Company will undoubtedly emerge as one of the best cocktail spots in the city very soon but for now, it remains refreshingly clandestine. It’s dim orange glow, table-service policy and re-imagined takes on classic cocktails is bound to lead to one too many…

Champagne Cult

We loved this place. As the name suggests, the collection of champagnes available is awesome and the cigar terrace is a super sweet touch. Located within close proximity to the financial district, this cosy little bar is hugely popular with city slickers looking to unwind. City slicker or baller on tour, we recommend Champagne Cult for those that are willing to splash the cash on a chilled and refined evening to remember.


If you look closely, you’ll find this gem of a cocktail bar tucked away on a back alley in London Bridge. Ensure you dress to impress- the crowd is known to be stylish here- and prepare to hunker down for an evening of fantastic live music, spontaneous dancing and one helluva drinks cabinet. The speakeasy ambiance will transport you back to a truly swelegant era.

The Luggage Room

If you’re into adventure in the form of unmarked doors, warren-like entrances and Amazonian hostesses this is the haunt for you. Don’t be put off by its location within the depths of the Marriot Hotel on Grosvenor Square – this secluded, urbane watering hole made us feel like top secret spies plotting how to save the world in hush tones over the finest spirits money can buy. And you can’t put a price on that.

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