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The Top 5 Steak Houses in London Right Now

Love a steak? We hear ya. The London restaurant scene is currently head over heels for prime, juicy cuts too. Read on for our top five steak houses, for when you’re next in town.

1. The Hawksmoor

Ask any London for their top steak house recommendation and they’ll probably swoon over the succulent cuts available at The Hawksmoor. Now boasting six lux locations across London, this sophisticated steak house claims to have searched the globe for the best cuts, only to settle with British beef. The ‘dictionary-thick’ steaks on offer range from 300g fillets to bone-in prime rib. The quality and flavor is universal though.

2. Flat Iron

This dimly lit ‘new craft butchery’ has garnered quite a following on account of its succulent, utterly affordable flat iron steaks. Order one to share for just £10 and select from the ridiculously tantalizing sides – dripping cooked chips anyone? Prepare to wait a little for the privilege though; this Soho eatery has a strict no bookings policy.

3. Tramshed

The simplicity of the menu at Mark Hix’s latest restaurant is a beautiful thing – it’s just chicken or steak to share. Locals flock here for the lip-smacking Marble Himalayan salt dry-aged steak and selection of ingenious seasonal sides. The space, a former tramshed, is dominated by a giant formaldehyde sculpture of a cow created by infamous artist Damien Hirst.

4. Manhattan Grill & Cigar Terrace

The wet-aged USDA prime Black Angus form Creekstone Kansas and dry-aged Scottish cuts from Inverurie are the stars of the show at this modern eatery. The chef and kitchen staff, who have cooked for Obama and the Dalai Lama, pride themselves on their no-nonsense approach to really great steaks. The wine list is pretty great too – we recommend hunkering down for an intimate dinner, while enjoying the spectacular views of Canary Wharf.

5. Hixter Bankside

The sister restaurant to Mark Hix’s Tramshed is a great option for those that love a quirky dining concept. Before and after tucking into one of the many steaks on offer, guests are encouraged to roam around the many decadent rooms of the former metal box factory location. In true Hix fashion, art created by Mat Collishaw, Tracey Emin, Tim Noble and Gary Webb adorns the walls of this maze-like space. All in all, this is a fun date night destination.

Jodie Kharas
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