Switching It Up: Disaronno Introduces First New Product in Almost Half a Millennium

switching it up disaronno introduces first new product in almost half a millennium
This fall, Disaronno is launching Disaronno Riserva, the company’s first new product since 1525. Before we get into the product itself—which we were lucky enough to get our hands on (because science!), let’s do a little history and put this event into perspective. The last time Disaronno launched a new product:

  • People still believed the earth was the center of the universe (Galileo wouldn’t be born for another few decades).
  • The first permanent American settlement, Jamestown, was still eighty-two years from being founded.
  • George Washington wouldn’t go über-patriotic on England’s ass for another two hundred and fifty years.

If those facts weren’t enough, here’s a short list of things that weren’t invented back then: sandwiches, Corvettes, air conditioning, beer bongs, and Tinder.

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Disaronno Riserva takes the sweet, silky flavor of amaretto that the company is known for and blends it with Scotch whisky that was hand-picked by Augusto Reina, CEO of the ILLVA Saronno Company. From there, the spirits were blended in vintage Marsala wine barrels in Marasla, Sicily, where the spirit was aged for twelve years.

(And just for the record, when they say vintage, they mean vintage. Some of the barrels date back to 1938.)

This may all sound well and good, but is it worth it? The short answer is yes, it is definitely worth it.

If you’re a fan of Disaronno at all, you’ll recognize the nose that the liqueur is known for. The taste is similar, but the scotch and the Marsala aging do wonderful things. There are hints of pepper in Riserva, and a final fruitiness that blends well with the vanilla and almond that’s always been there.

If you think Disaronno is too sweet, give this one a try. It clocks it at 40% ABV (compared to Disaronno’s 28%) and the scotch gives it a bit of a backbone that may come as a surprise Disaronno drinkers.

Disaronno Riserva retails for $375 per bottle and only 10,000 bottles were made, so if you’re feeling like a hip cat and wanting to relive the glory days of the toasted almond cocktail, track one of these bottles down when it is released this October.

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