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Sparkling Water is Great, But Sparkling Tequila Water is Better

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Since everyone seems to be jumping on the sparkling water train, spending a small salary on La Croix, and forever opting “bubbly” instead of “flat,” we’re officially addicted to sparkling water. (And you probably are, too.)

It’s ok, we’re all human. Research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center proves that cold, carbonated beverages quench our thirst better than plain ol’ water, giving us the sensation of relief. And while flavored bubbly water has long been a splash deployed in our apartment bartending cocktails, ready-to-drink spiked sparkling water (aka hard seltzer) is still a babyface category.

Hence our excitement about tequila brand Sauza making a sparkling water cocktail we can drink from the can. Oh, and they’re debuting three different flavors that all rock.

Sauza Agua Fuerte is crafted with clear sparkling water and a real tequila base of Sauza Silver Tequila, lending a fresh, green, and fruity essence perfect for its summertime release. (Nobody wants to be drinking White Russians in the park on a 95-degree day. As the famous newscaster Ron Burgundy once said, “Milk was a bad choice.”) Agua Fuerte also has a moderate 5% ABV for its slim 12 oz cans, meaning it’s not a one-and-done cocktail that zaps your hydration and energy.

Instead, the sensation of drinking Agua Fuerte isn’t one of heaviness or slumber, but a refreshing, versatile, and portable cocktail that can be enjoyed after summiting a fourteener, kayaking with friends, or playing bags at a BBQ. FYI, a single can is only $3, while a 4-pack is $10.

The key taste ace here, other than the sparkling part, is that Sauza decided not to use artificial sweeteners or flavors in Agua Fuerte, which sticks true to our sparkling water preferences.

Still, there’s a bit of sweetness and a crispy fruit and agave taste—one of the reasons tequila rules the roost for summer cocktails. The three Sauza flavors stick to classic sparkling water and margarita bases: Lime, Grapefruit, and Mango, so there’s no need to worry about those crazy Oreo flavors.

Lime, of course, is the all-time, go-to, heritage tequila pairing, while Sauza Agua Fuerte’s Grapefruit drink was inspired by the flavors of a Paloma (hello, beautiful tart taste). Mango is a very popular pairing in Mexico and brings a slightly sweeter profile to the roundup.

Malini Patel, Vice President of Tequila and Premium Growth Platforms at Beam Suntory (parent to Sauza) says, “With a tequila spirit base and a focus on fresh, natural flavors, Sauza Agua Fuerte is perfect for tequila fans who are seeking light, refreshing cocktails to enjoy during the warm weather months.”

So, us… and anyone else who is a human and gets thirsty. Because science.

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