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Enter to Win Free Proclamation Goods Cookware Plus an Exclusive Offer

Back in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, companies cashed in on massive consumerism by producing and selling as many “things” as possible. It didn’t really matter if we needed them, times were good, so they kept flooding stores with products. After the Great Recession (and with us now teetering on another), consumers are expecting more from companies, demanding products that can do more for less money. Not only that, they want the companies they support to be ethical and sustainable. People want the products themselves to be safe and to have a small eco-footprint.

Cue Proclamation Goods Co. It’s an iF Design Award-winning cookware company that’s checking all the boxes on what today’s conscientious consumer is looking to buy. The brand’s highly versatile Duo Pot offers a space-saving yet extremely functional cooking device that embraces a minimalist design combined with durability. Their motto is, Cook More with Less. Now you can get $25 off the Duo Pot with code THEMANUAL25.

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Proclamation Goods Giveaway

The Proclamation Goods stainless-steel Proclamation Duo Pot and Skillet can each stand alone, or can hinge together to create a Dutch oven. The 7-quart Hybrid Pot is a wok and stockpot hybrid, offering rounded sides and a wide cooking surface for a design that can cook up pretty much anything. It’s deep enough to boil two pounds of pasta, durable enough to deep fry, wide enough to roast a whole chicken, and light enough to toss stir-fry. The 12-inch Sidekick Skillet has a classic shape with modern functionality. It has a wide cooking surface for reduced stirring and tossing and sloped sides for easy utensil access. The premium multi-ply stainless construction eliminates hot spots for incredibly even cooking. You’ll definitely be using this skillet for every meal.

Proclamation Goods prioritizes the health of both its customers and the planet. The pans are crafted to last forever using responsibly sourced, time-tested, non-toxic materials produced by a family-owned cookware manufacturer in Wisconsin. The Sidekick Skillet and Hybrid Pot can be used in the oven or on the stovetop up to 500℉.

There are no coatings on the Duo Pot set, so no chemicals that wind up in your body or the landfill. Instead, Proclamation Goods uses high-quality, naturally low-stick materials, which means they need a bit of cooking oil to keep things moving. The stainless-steel is super lightweight, and the aluminum core makes for even heating with no hot spots. Metal tools may scuff it, but scratches won’t affect performance, and your dishwasher can take care of the cleanup, no problem.

Proclamation Goods and The Manual have teamed up to give away one of these killer units to one lucky person. Enter below for your chance to win.

Proclamation Goods Giveaway

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