What a Pair: Morgan Street Company Unique Whiskey Stones

Last week, we discussed the differences between using whiskey stones and ice in your drinks. It seemed appropriate, then, that we cover some new whiskey stones trying to hit the market, for those that feel inclined to use them in their drinks.

The Morgan Street Company, based in Toronto,  just launched a Kickstarter campaign to create soapstone whiskey stones that “preserve both drinks and dignity.”

The company itself draws its name from an explosion that happened at Chicago’s Simon Powell & Son’s Distillery in 1880. An engineer had built a pressure cooker in an effort to increase efficiency. This, though, backfired, when the boiler exploded due to a clogged line. Matter was shot into the air, landing almost two hundred feet away, on Morgan Street. (You can read a little more on the explosion here.) The creators of the company named themselves after this even, due to the risk-taking nature of the engineer who was trying to make things better.

The whiskey stones will come in five different styles—cubes, cylinders, hexagons, skulls, and tetradecahedrons (that means fourteen-sided). The cubes start at around $19 for a pair and the company hope to raise $15,801 ($CA 20,000).

While the tetradecahedrons look cool, the winning design here is clearly the skulls. There’s something about the badass-ness of having a skull sitting in our bourbon that just does it for us. Perfect for Halloween, or just asserting your dominance in literally any situation.

This is the first venture for the company, who hopes to create more unique products over time—ranging from more drink accessories to even creating their own spirits in time, according to a release.

You can pledge to the Morgan Street Kickstarter here. The project runs through August 10, 2017, and at the time of writing, it was a little over ten-percent funded. Cheers.