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Eat Well and Save Time with Green Chef Meal Kit Delivery Service

Eating nutritious food is possibly the most important thing you can do for yourself, but many of us know all too well that when our schedules get crowded and time is scarce, cooking proper meals becomes a luxury if not an afterthought.

Selecting ingredients, preparing food, and cleaning up afterward all take time, and when time is what you don’t have, it’s easy to resort to takeout, fast food, and quick pre-packaged meals. Rarely are these the best choices, though, but that’s where Green Chef comes in. Every Green Chef box delivers pre-measured, ready-to-cook recipes to your door every week, and right now, new customers can enjoy a $130 discount plus free shipping. Here’s everything you need to know about Green Chef.

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A box and three paper bags from Green Chef placed behind healthy foods.

Meal kit delivery services have been around for a minute, and you’ve got a few options to choose from nowadays. Green Chef is the best meal kit for eating well and it’s not difficult to see why these subscription boxes have become so popular among busy working professionals and home chefs. While not intended to totally replace your regular grocery shopping, having a number of your weekly meals shipped to your door in pre-measured kits complete with recipes is an obvious time-saver.

The idea behind a meal kit delivery service like Green Chef couldn’t be more straightforward: After signing up, you choose a plan based on your preferences and select how many meals you’d like in your box each week (between three and four meals for two, four, or six people). Each week, you’ll be presented with a menu of meals based on your preferences. You’ll pick which meals you want, and then your box will be packed up and delivered right to your door. The ingredients for each meal are pre-measured and prepped, and each meal comes with a recipe, taking all the measuring and trial-and-error out of your kitchen time.

The Green Chef menu accommodates a variety of lifestyles as well. The weekly menu offers Vegetarian, Mediterranean, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Fast & Fit, Keto, and Paleo meal options. Green Chef is actually our choice as the best meal kit for those following a keto and/or paleo lifestyle, as it has a great selection of carb-conscious meals that are a good fit for this. All of the keto recipes are full of protein and free of grains, soy, legumes, and gluten.

Green Chef is a good choice for more than just keto and paleo eaters, of course. Green Chef meals feature organic ingredients, premium proteins, and fresh produce. So you don’t have to wonder or worry about what you’re feeding yourself and your family. And, since everything is measured out ahead of time, you also don’t have to worry about proper portion sizing. Nutritional information and calorie content are all laid out for you so there’s no guesswork when it comes to your food intake.

Of course, there’s always going to be the question of whether or not meal kit delivery services are worth it. That’s ultimately for you to decide, but for as little as $11.99 per serving, our answer is a clear “yes.” The time savings of the Green Chef meal kit delivery service are obvious (time is money, after all), and that’s on top of the other benefits you get, such as quality organic ingredients, pre-portioned meals, flavorful choices, easy-to-follow recipes, and a flexible weekly menu. The food is delicious, meals take around 30 minutes to prepare, and it creates less food waste than retail grocery stores.

The plans are flexible and you can easily switch things up as you go. You’re also not locked into any long-term commitment. If you’re still not convinced and want to give Green Chef a try for yourself, now’s a great time: Green Chef is offering new customers $130 off plus free shipping. Simply enter the code TRENDS130 when selecting your plan and you’re good to go.

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