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Like Netflix For Food, Freshly Delivers Healthy Meal Kits To Your Door

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You know the drill—you’ve got a packed schedule and lots of demands, so when you get home you grab a meal and pop it into your microwave. Convenience is easy and cheap these days, but there’s good news. Easy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy. puts a new twist on convenience by supplying customers with chef prepared gourmet meals that use only natural, wholesome ingredients.

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freshly meals“We use really high end products,” said Carter Comstock, co-founder of “All of our food is cooked by real chefs, but there’s no added sugar, no gluten and no preservatives. It’s like having your own personal chef.”

“It basically started with my business partner—Michael Wystrach—he was a restaurateur and my father is an ER physician and anti-aging wellness specialist. The three of us got together and came up with a way to make it easier to eat healthy,” said Comstock. “We started doing a program we would want and began cooking out of the restaurant and delivering ourselves.”

They found a massive demand for convenient, healthy food. After two and a half years of testing their concept through local deliveries they launched in January of this year. They now service the entire West Coast and ship 10,000+ meals a week.

“It’s been crazy,” said Comstock. “We’re adding about 500 new clients a week. We hope to get the East Coast up and running by the end of the year.”

There are two plans to consider when signing up for There’s Freshly Flex, which delivers 6, 9 or 12 meals a week. Or if you want to overhaul your diet and lose weight, you can choose Freshly Fit for breakfast, lunch and diner seven days a week. Both plans offer free shipping.

Besides really amazing food (yes, we sampled it), we love the fact that subscribers manage the system. You’re not stuck with deliveries or meals that you don’t want. You might want to order meals every other week or change your preferences—you stay in complete control.

“A lot of people upgrade and downgrade between plans,” said Comstock. “Some start on Freshly Fit and move to the Flex Plan. We want to revolutionize how people think about eating healthy.”

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When you order from Freshly, you’ll receive a delivery through Fed Ex—you don’t have to worry about being home. The package is guaranteed to stay cold for 24 hours. Once you get home, pop the meals in your refrigerator and then microwave for 1 to 2 minutes each when you’re ready to eat.

“Our meals on average last up to 10 days,” said Comstock. “That’s why we don’t ship more than a week at a time.”

If you ever get a meal that you don’t like the taste or how it looks, will give you a refund or store credit. Prices: Freshly Flex 6 – $69 per week; Freshly Flex 9 – $99 per week; Freshly Flex 12 – $129 per week; and Freshly Fit 21 meals – $229 per week.

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