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Get Mouth-Watering Meals with Factor_ and Save $120 Off Your First Order

The sizzling summer heat is here, and it’s going to persist whether you work all day, or have the day off. Even if you’re working from home, preparing a delicious and healthy meal can be quite the task. It means you’ll be prepping your food, and cooking, possibly even adding to all of that summer heat inside your home. But what if there was a way to get delicious, mouth-watering meals, right to your doorstep? We’re not talking about meals you have to unpack, section out, and prepare. No, these are gourmet-chef prepared and cooked meals — all you have to do is heat them and enjoy! That’s what Factor can deliver, and you can save up to $120 off your first order when you use code DT120OFF at checkout, because their Prime Day deal is still live until August!

Why Order Your Meals with Factor_ This Summer?

Factor_ Yia Yia's Greek Bowl meal looks so delicious.
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Picture this. It is a hot, hot summer night, and you just got off work. You are ravished and ready to eat everything in your pantry, but you should probably prepare a healthy meal instead. That would mean selecting a recipe, prepping the ingredients, cooking, and then eventually, cleaning up the mess, including your dishes. That’s not exactly the best way to spend a summer evening, now is it? Even if you like to cook, it’s a lot. So why not try a meal kit delivery service?

There are other meal kit delivery services, sure, but nothing like this. Factor will send you gourmet-chef-prepared and cooked meals, of your choosing, and when they arrive you can either put them away, in the fridge, for another night or heat them and enjoy a delicious meal! With comparable services, you get the ingredients, but still, prepare the meal yourself. That’s not the case here.

You are saving valuable time, that you would otherwise spend prepping and cooking meals, but also you can enjoy your summer more. Plus, since the oven and burners aren’t staying hot for long, you’re not heating the inside of your home making things muggier. Moreover, you can kick back and enjoy your dinner with much less work involved. Perhaps even with a cold beverage in hand?

Let’s recap. With Factor, you’re saving precious time, you’re getting a delicious, gourmet meal, and you can actually enjoy your summer nights, especially if you end up working late. But what kind of meals might one expect? What is there to choose from? If you want to review what sort of chef-prepared meals Factor offers, you can take a peek at .

Factor’s menu features over two dozen selections, each one designed by a dietician, and with new selections every week. After signing up for your plan, you can select which meals you want to be delivered from the weekly menu. You can also customize your delivery plan to your dietary needs. Factor offers meal kits for vegans and vegetarians, low-carb and ketogenic dieters, those looking to reduce their caloric intake, or a combination of these. You could even make a case that meals with Factor are better than homecooked.

Bear in mind, that the meals rotate regularly so these may not be available when you peek, but some examples include herb-crusted chicken, a jalapeno popper burger, a Greek beef bowl, chipotle-rubbed pork chops, chorizo chili mac, and much more. We are not kidding when we say “delicious, mouth-watering meals,” and seriously, you might want to have a bite to eat before you order! Don’t forget to use code DT120OFF at checkout to save $120 on your order.

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