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Best Food Delivery for the Holidays: DoorDash Offers First Month $0 Delivery Fee

The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means — a lot more eating. This holiday season may be slightly more stressful than any we’ve experienced, so we all get a pass for an increased level of stress-eating. Whatever the reason we choose to gobble down comfort foods, thanks to modern technology, we don’t even have to change out of our week-old sweat pants to go pick up our orders.

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Doordash: The Clear Winner

There are a ton of food delivery services out there, so which one do you pick? For us, the answer is easy, DoorDash.

The DoorDash app is super user-friendly. All you have to do is enter your address, and they provide you with a long list of restaurants that deliver in your area. DoorDash partners with over 300,000 providers throughout the US, Canada, and Australia, giving you a ton of options restaurant and grocer options. An added perk is with all these partnerships come many deals that you can use on top of other DoorDash promos.

One of the things we love most about DoorDash is its outstanding service. Every delivery is transparent, and there’s an open line of communication between you and your Dasher (delivery driver). You know when your food is ready, when it’s picked up, when it’s en route, and when it’s at your door.

The DoorDash also gets five-stars from us the local favorites options. It suggests top-rated and most ordered from restaurants in your area, alleviating the choice-paralysis that comes trying to decide what to eat on any given night.

Check Out This Deal

If you’ve yet to try out DoorDash and need even more reason to do so, they’re offering a fantastic deal right now and during the holidays. For first time users, DoorDash is doing away with delivery fees for an entire month! Just think of the money you’ll save! You’ll be able to actually contribute to the family holiday meal this year, even if it’s by ordering more food through Doordash.

This deal is also perfect for when you’re out of gift ideas. Through DoorDash, you can send the gift of delicious food to others, and they don’t even need the app. So, instead of sending your co-worker another lame coffee mug this year, try a delicious sweet treat from your favorite local bakery.

Like with any great deal, there’s a slight rub.

  • It’s valid only on orders over $10.
  • It’s for first-time DoorDash users only.
  • It’s not valid in all regions. So check for availability in your area before use.

This holiday season, make sure you have your “eating sweatpants” ready to go because, with this deal, you’ll need a little room for growth around the waist. Getting rid of any added pounds will be a problem for 2021.

Find Restaurants at DoorDash

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