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This popular cold plunge fits in any home, and it’s 25% off

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If you spend time on Instagram or TikTok, you have definitely seen fitness influencers and experts raving about the benefits of cold plunging. Most of these ice baths are on the larger side, and don’t fit into smaller apartments or homes but we’ve found one that will fit just about anywhere. And luckily for you, it is on sale right now at 25% off. With an original price of $199, you can hop on the cold plunge train and grab this item for just $149.

Why you should buy The Ice Pod

Cold plunging and ice baths have many health benefits, including improved mood, helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression, muscle recovery and increasing dopamine levels. The Ice Pod is a simple, compact and easy way to participate in the cold plunge trend, without breaking the bank or taking up too much space in your home. It can fit up to one person and can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your preferences. This portable and affordable can be taken anywhere you go. Your purchase includes the ice pod itself, a hand pump, drainage hose, cover lid and repair patches. Plus, you will receive free home delivery and six months of warranty just in case your item gets damaged.

You’ll experience a natural high feeling after using the Ice Pod without the need to spend thousands of dollars on a custom ice bath. You can also experience other benefits including better sleep, pain and stress relief, elevated energy, immune support and recovery and performance after an intense workout. Many users count on this ice bath to help with muscle recovery and to reduce sore muscles, but there are so many benefits that it doesn’t necessarily need to be used after a workout.

Don’t wait. This sale won’t last forever and it is a great opportunity to dive into the world of cold plunging. It is one of the best cold plunge and ice baths on the market and will help you feel your best either after a workout or on any random day. Be sure to take advantage of this 25% off sale and grab the Ice Pod for $149.

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